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Timing Belt Replacement V6

[Saab 900 2.0T, 900 2.3NT, 900 2.5i]

The V6 engines from 94-97 were a touchy engine to say the least. When they arrived on the GM-Saab scene back in 94 they were plagued with issues. One of the main issues in 94 was the timing cover seal would come off and cause the timing belt to come off causing internal engine damage. In most cases when this would occur Saab would replace the engines completely because they discovered that the ring lands would get crushed on one of the piston tops causing the ring to stick and the engine to smoke. This only occurred occasionally but did happen. It was later discovered that one of the main culprits in the V6 engine failures was the idler kit that most people would not replace when doing the belt. The belt should be replaced every 30,0000 miles but as time has taught us you must replace the tensioner assembly as well. In the Saab circles most people wonder why Saab came out with the V6 anyway when the horsepower from the 2.3 or 2.0 liter was as good or better. The newer V6 engines in the 95 have modified timing belt areas that are much more reliable.

V6 Timing Belt Removal

STEP 1 Remove Air Filter.
STEP 2 Loosen the bolts securing the crankshaft pulley. Remove the load from the belt tensioner by turning the belt tensioner pulley locking bolt forward in the car using a 15 mm wrench. Remove the belt from the coolant pump pulley and slowly release the belt tensioner.
STEP 3 Remove the belt tensioner and remove the steering pump pulley
STEP 4 Remove the water pump pulley use the engine bracket to pry against.
STEP 5 Remove the timing cover and Remove the right-hand front wheel and the cover in the wheel housing.
STEP 6 Remove the crankshaft pulley (undo the six bolts but do not remove the centre bolt).
STEP 7 Place the engine top dead center and Zero the engine. The markings on the camshaft sprockets and timing cover should be in alignment as also should the marking on the crankshaft. Use locking tools 83 95 006 and KM-800-2 for the camshaft sprockets and locking tool KM-800-10 for the crankshaft (These tools can be purchased from Saab (18774177222) or from Baum Tools).
STEP 8 Before removing the toothed belt mark its direction of rotation . To facilitate refitting the belt can be marked at both the camshaft marking and the crankshaft marking.
STEP 9 Release the belt tension and remove the toothed belt.

V6 Timing Marks


V6 Timing Belt Installation Instructions:

STEP 10 Fit the toothed belt according to the marked direction of rotation. Use setting tool 83 95 006 to keep the belt in place and adjust the tensioning roller loosely by hand to prevent the belt from jumping off. Adjust counterclockwise. Fit a section of the toothed belt and fit tool 83 93 985 to measure the belt tension. Loosely tighten the centre bolts of the adjusting rollers. Adjust the lower adjusting roller counter clockwise to a belt tension of 275-300 Nm. Turning torque 30 lb.ft ft ******The adjustment of the belt tension is for preparation ONLY and must not be used as a check when the belt adjusted for the final time!
STEP 11 Turn the engine over two revolutions until just before the zero mark and place the locking tool on the crankshaft. Carefully turn the crankshaft in the direction of engine rotation until the arm rests against the coolant pump's flange and then tighten the arm. Fit setting tool 8395006 and check that the markings on the camshaft sprockets are aligned with the markings in the tool. ********Check that the A marking is approximately 2mm above B marking. If the distance is less readjustment is necessary.
STEP 12 Fit the crankshaft pulley and Tighten to a torque of 15 foot lbs.
STEP 13 Reinstall the inner wheel cover and front right wheel.
STEP 14 Reinstall Timing Cover.
STEP 15 Reinstall the water pump pulley use the engine bracket for leverage.
STEP 16 Reinstall the power steering pulley and tighten to 6 foot lbs.
STEP 17 Reinstall the belt tensioner and tighten to 30 foot lbs.
STEP 18 Remove the belt tensioner load/pressure by turning the belt tensioner pulley locking bolt forwards in the car using a 15 mm wrench. Install the belt on the coolant pump pulley. Carefully release the belt tensioner.
STEP 19 Reinstall the Air Cleaner and hoses that accompany

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