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Afternoon all. After buying almost exclusively from "that "E" place" for the past 13 years or so, I've noticed their service is not what it used to be. I've placed a couple orders with you now and have to say Great Job! The parts are correct and the shipping is fast. They may beat you by a buck or two but in my experience, you get what you pay for. On behalf of my 3 SAABs, thank you.

Hey - I just wanted to say thank you for your GREAT help. I purchased a SAAB emblem from you and followed the instructions on how to replace the
emblem from your website. I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!!! Great Job and thanks!! NB

My very recent 1999 2.3L SAAB 9-5 stalling issue solved! Many thanks to the "THESAABSITE" FAQ and suggested trouble-shooting checks. Step one, I cleaned the throttle Body thoroughly but intermittent stalling continued. I then went to step two and purchased a new Crankshaft Sensor from the SAABSITE and bye, bye stalling! TB

I have learned more from this site than from the service manuals or any other site. We have been able to get the exact parts we needed and when I had a question--a real human emailed me. THANKS

Hurrah! I needed new rotors and pads on my 1993 9000. I ordered the parts, took them to my mechanic who happily installed the parts and I was on my way. My mechanic would have had to order parts through the dealer, and with their markup, etc., would have cost me about 700 bucks more than I spent. So Hurrah!

Hi, I live in the UK and drive a 1999 SAAB 9-3 convertible. Prettiest car in the world with the top down. Just want to say thanks for the photo montage of replacing headlamp wiper motor. I am no mechanic but even I can follow it and you save me a ton of money. Many Thanks. TH, England. Yorkshire

Chris was very helpful with my order. He had computer problems and had to call me back. As a result my order missed the deadline for same-day shipping. So, he took the order over to UPS himself. He didn't have to do that. He got a repeat customer in the process. Thanks, Chris.

Thank you so much! My driver headlight went out. It wasn't the bulb. I pulled the relay and looked very close at the big solders to the teeth at the bottom and sure enough they were cracked. All I did was touch a high temp solder gun to these teeth-like connections and POW - driver side headlight working again. It would have cost me at least a hundred $ to figure this out on my own.

You guys have a phenomenal website with easy to see part numbers and all the information relation to each part. I have learned so much from you guys and when a part I ordered was not available, you let me know immediately. I am loyal to this site. It is the best for Saab parts.

There was a mistake on our order by the factory. We purchased a head gasket set and the factory shipped the wrong valve cover gasket with the head gasket set. I called the TheSaabsite and they promptly reimbursed us for the cost of the valve cover gasket.

My parts arrived for repairing the 96 Saab 900 we are so fond of. The shorter serpentine belt is a great solution to the cheap pulley that seized and I should have ordered an extra one. Am replacing the brake pads and happy to find how easy this car and the 1990 volvo we also rely on are to get parts for and repair in the carport. thank y'all for the professional operation and for the careing way you treat your customers. PB

Hello saabsite I really want to say THANK YOU for all of the genius information that u have put on your website for years, that is such a hassle free way to fix hard problems quickly and the correct way once again thanks to everyone that helped bring Saabsite aboard the web ;)

My Saab is 200k already, and thanks to your business I don't have to worry about making it run further. My car still rides like a champion and I intend to keep it for a long time.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was in placing my first order with you. Shipping was quick and your order confirmation and tracking system are fantastic! No question all future orders coming your way - thank you! Al

Hi there, i would like to let you know, you guys are great , and I'm very happy with your service. I definitely will recommend you to other clients. Thank you so much! RN

First time order and wanted to say thank you for your technical support on how to repair my high beam issue with my 2008 95 Aero. The dealer has indicated that it would be the relay and the cost would be over $300.00 (plus the $50.00 to try and bend the pins on the relay. One email to you asking for a suggested solution (the red relay) and just under $95.00 (relay and shipping to Canada)to purchase and two minutes to install (again your drawing on the fuse box) and i now have high beam lights again! Great support and quick delivery (just over a week). Will be back again when the need arises. Thank you again. SC

Just completed my first transaction at your wonderful site. Great price, great product, new from Trollhatten. Looked at all my auto parts sites for this item and couldn't find it anywhere but here. Now you are my only online store. Hopefully Saab will survive what GM did to it, and you will be here for my children to one day buy parts for their Saabs (or the ones I hand down to them anyways). A everything. Thanks! Jon in Upstate NY.

I am so impressed that this works the way they say it does. Parts ordered, received, accurate and earlier than expected. Great job, and thanks so much for all the information and time you have saved me. (Not to mention money). Thanks, Angie

Thanks a lot. Every part I have gotten has been shipped extremely quick and your prices are extremely reasonable. Thanks JB

Just a quick note to tell you that the new engine mounts for my 2001 Saab 9-5 arrived quickly and made a huge difference in how smooth the engine runs. I guess it's one of those situations where a gradual change becomes the "new normal", and only after some preventive maintenance occurs do you realize just how bad the vibration really was. Thanks! H.G.F

Thank you for being the most helpful website I have ever accessed.  My hood had been flapping at speed for two years and I had no idea what to do...then I found you. Fixed 2 hrs. after parts arrived and I am one happy flap-free fully aerodynamic 2001 9-5 Saab owner!!! LT and DE

Please read my praise for the help you folks gave me when I was stuck on the side of the road some five hundred miles from home. The only help I had was the phone number to this site. It was all I needed! whew! I believe the guy who I visited with in your shop was Mark. I might be wrong. If so I apologize. At the time i was a bit tense. Sometimes the best way to say something is the easiest way to say something...BJ

Just received my alternator bracket for my 99 9-3SE. Biggest pain in the but to install ever! But the bracket fit and worked perfectly! My car is now back on the road! Thank you for the ULTRA FAST shipping!!!

Thank you so much for the radio code. I didnt know to push band button to enter code. I had code . I have had no music in my car for 5 months. Thank you

hey guys, I just want to say thank you for the help with getting my slotted/ drilled rotors for the viggen. They work and look great! Also, i picked up a set of rear calipers... B

thanks part was perfect as always , thanks and happy holidays km.

Wow this site is amazing there is everything you want and need to know about any Saab definitely a great site, not to mention they have awesome prices on everything you need and most of the time under half price. CH

Hi guys, I recently ordered some front suspension bushings from your site and would like to pass on my appreciation for a speedy effective service. The car drives much better now with the new bushings installed! G

OMG! This website is a God-send. I'm so glad I found it. Keep up the good work!

I placed an order for parts from your site after discovering it in an Internet search. I replaced the crankcase ventilation system on my wife's 2001 9-5 along with the fuel filter and a broken part on the heater box. Everything fit, went in beautifully, and an added bonus the fuel filter seemed a lot better quality than the previous one from a local parts place. I was especially discouraged by the rust and the rattle of the old filter when I disconnected it from the car. If we keep the car much longer it will be thanks to places like this, which allow me to fix problems for a lot less money than I can afford to pay a dealer. JE

Hi T.W, I love your web site and staff every thing is priced nice and the call reps are easy to talk too with no pressure much unlike the local facility who's prices are really high.

Hey guys, Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the fantastic new bumper covers!!! They are the last pieces I needed to complete my convertible. I will easily have them on in time for the show! I suppose I could have sanded and painted my originals, but they would never be as straight as the new ones. Anyway, now I can put the old ones away in case the unthinkable happens... I just bought an 900 3-door turbo a couple of weeks ago, and will be starting the resto on it this Winter. The bumpers on it are very nice, but it needs some other parts. I will get to ordering them once the snow starts flying around here. Thanks again! Very happy with your service!!! Sincerely,   JA

I just wanted to thank you all for your excellent customer service. Everyone I've spoken to on the phone or emailed with has been so helpful and courteous. Though it would be nice if my Saab was less of a fixer-uper, at least I don't have to worry about troubles with finding the parts I need. Keep up the good work! SC

Thank you so much for all the information provided on this site! We are a family of SAAB owners my daughter drives a 93 9000 na, my wife drives a 94 9000 AERO and I drive a 90 900 T16. As you can see I have my hands full and couldnt do it without your sites information! I placed a large order today for my wifes 94, your prices are fair and I am happy to support your business. Thank you again, MO Seattle, Wa.

The most incredible site I have ever seen for any car!  I recently purchased 2002 9-5 and I got it cheap because it had issues but this site has been godsend.  I have already purchased parts here that arrived super fast and they all fit perfect and cheap prices too.  Now I'm looking at more parts for engine and its all there and I love how easy it is to browse the site and find anything I need.  Not to mention all the help in how-to-do-it-yourself.  Truly priceless site to have...please don't ever shut down or go out of business.  I used to have Acura and my mechanic is Acura/Honda certified so he is not the best with Saab but this site has made all the difference in him being able to help me.  Some of the parts that no one else has you have readily available.  Even he said the site is great.  Thank you!

My first order arrived yesterday. I understand that not all products are stocked 100% of the time, however mine was.  I ordered my engine mount on Tuesday the 2nd and recieved it on Thursday the 4th. I am so happy that it did not come UPS, since I think they drag the boxes behind their trucks.  Not that it could or should hurt an engine mount. I just wanted to drop your company a note saying that I am very happy with the price, quality, and shipping speed that I recieved.  I plan to do more. ES

I just became a first-time Saab owner, and I've got to give you props for an EXCELLENT selection of parts and decent prices. I look forward to purchasing from you in the future! JK

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the quick shipment of my recent order.  I ordered the item on Friday and emailed you regarding the tracking information the next Monday.  My package arrived Monday (which was much quicker than I anticipated).  Thanks again!

I installed the distributor rebuilt kit I got from you in my '87 900 Turbo. All the parts I needed were in the kit, some pre-assembled. Now the car runs better than it ever has since I've owned it. Thanks so much for being a great resource to us vintage Saab owners. JS

This is my 3nd purchase from The Saabsite.  For many years I was buying my Saab parts from... but after a most recent disappointing and inexcusable experience I decided to try TheSaabsite and from what I have experienced so far, I am pretty sure I will be making all my purchases from this company from now on. Onai

order-10068022: I really don't know how you guys do it.  I ordered a new fuel pump for my Saab from you on Tuesday.  You had it for half the price of anyone else, you shipped it the same day I ordered it and it seems to be a good quality pump. I had the same experience last year at the end of the summer last when I had front end problems and you had everything I needed at half the price of the big box parts stores. Just wanted to say Thanx!!  This is the second time I was considering sending my Saab to Saab heaven and moving on due to parts expense and you saved the day (and my Saab) yet again. SB

Your FAQs have been extremely helpful in helping me figure out what work my car needs, so now I am ready to spend a pile of money. 

Just darn good service. Order was exact and fast. Thanks folks for doing a great job. JC

I ordered the washer pump a couple weeks ago for my 2003 Aero Wagon, the rear wind washer. I removed the old one and hooked it up to 12v and nothing. The new one ran when I did so I tried installing it. Perfect fit. I knew it would, it looked exactly the same as what I had! You might want to update your webpage as I can verify it does fit the 2003 wagon REAR window washer as well! This was part # 90585761 that someone on saabnet said to use.

Order # 10066490 Got the rest of my order today. As well as some things in there I forgot I had ordered. I would like to say again that I am very pleased with the level of service on this site. I will be coming here for any available part that I need from now on. Thanks again, Brian

I followed the R/R directions from the blog (great!), in & out in an hour, A/C works fine, fan on all 4 speeds, old resistor blackened on end, will tell my local garage guy about this. Many thanks for the advice, great service and quick shipping of the resistor. HD

I just want to extend my sincere thanks to Tony L., who responded extremely promptly to my "order problem" e-mail earlier today with a personal phone call. Tony was able to sort out the order & return confusion & also sent me the appropriate return information to be included with the box, meaning all I'm waiting for now is the prepaid shipping label. Thank you again. I look forward to future shopping with The Saab Site.

Ordered a universal retractable antenna for my 93 arrived in 48 it great. Thanks!!

Hi TW, Parts received. I was upgraded to 2nd day. (thanks!) CA to Nantucket, MA, in record time, and in the middle of a nor'easter! Thanks for excellent service. BM

Hi Tony, I put the pulley in and everything fine. After a careful review of the part you sent and what I had I realized how bad my part really was. All that was left was the inside of the original part. This car hasn't had much love before me but its getting it now. I'm sorry for the craziness and thank you for your help. We will be using you again soon as I will need to replace my radiator it has a small leak. You and your staff are great thanks again. MB

I purchased two inner cylinders for my convertible top at the SaabSite, lowest price on the internet I found. Robert

Thank you for your instructions on replacing the crank sensor in a 9-3. This was my first ever DIY job and though it wasn't easy I was very proud of myself for saving a couple hundred bucks. All the best. AJ

I have placed two orders over the past month. And I have yet to be left unsatisfied. Your Prices are great shipping prices are decent. Shipping times are excellent. The quality of your products is always suprb. I just wanted to say Thank You  and keep up the good work. I ran a private business myself and Know it is always nice to get great feedback. LM

The hood emblem on my son's Saab 9-3 had all the paint gone.  The dealer wanted $165 to replace it.  Instead, I purchased a replacement from the Saabsite for about $35.  We followed a customer's suggestion and removed the old one with dental floss.  I bought a tube of "Goop" at the automotive store and BAM we installed the new one likety split and it's PERFECT! And we saved $120 by not having the dealer do it!  Very cool! JL

Hello, I received from you the 95 1998-2005 Blend Dr Repair Kit. This job only was 20 min in length. I am very impressed! Excellent part and design! However, the paperwork that came with it, was not a very good description on how to. It was in black and white, hard to see photos and colors referred to. Information was useful but coud be made much easier. Anyways, if this repair takes someone a hour to complete, they are doing something wrong! It was super easy! I have heat now! cheers and thanks very much!

Hi guys!! Thanks for the speedy reply on my 96' 9000 signal light/hi-beam/lo-beam failure!! I was ready to buy a signal light switch for $129.00 and Tony called me and said it's all caused by the stupid hazard light button!!! You guys absolutely ROCK!!!! Thanks again!!! Rich Rykowski, Oxford, CT........

I just want you to know that the information below (which was posted on the website) was a big help. The dealer wanted me to come and that would have taken me 45 minutes out of my way. Thank you very much.

Cheers. Fitted 9-3 brake pads for the first time on 1999 hatchback to discover virtually no brakes on test drive. Fearing disaster, you highlighted I had incorrectly fitted the retaining spring. Thanks, you saved me garage fees and blushes. JR

I received the 900T inner driver yesterday. Thank you! You came through for me once again in a tight spot. I had waited three weeks for one of these through another source and still have not received the part. You got it to me within 3-4 days of ordering. Thanks again! Clifford Quan

Thanks guys the parts I order were on time and the exact replacement I was looking for.Thanks Again!!! RJH

Thank you much for this site,,,was very helpful,,,called saab  got no place found your site  problem gone like a heart attack!

I recently took my car to my mechanic because of A/C problems.  I was shocked when he quoted me 11-13 hours of labor and whatever he finds wrong with no guarantees.  I search through your website and found several links and articals about how to run the auto-calibrate function on the A/C unit. I received a code 08 (left blend door).  After reading all the articles I found I climbed upside down and started removing the drivers side lower kick panel.  The left blend door plastic lever was in 3 pieces when I found it.  After removing the servo-motor and the elbow, I discovered that the axle going into the heat box was also broke.  I ordered your blend door kit and was back up and running in less than two hours.  I really appreciate your website and those that have taken time to share their stories. Without your website and contributors I would have had to pay over $1200.00 with no guaratees.  Now my air conditioning is working just like new. Thanks a bunch.  The job was so easy I did not have to take pictures.

I am writing today to convey my appreciation for all you do. My wife and I recently had our 1995 Saab 900se turbo breakdown on the side of I-95. I have been a customer of yours since buying the car a few months ago. I use your web site for all technical questions and repairs, and immediately thought to search your site on my Blackberry smart-phone, even before calling the tow truck. I found the idler pulley had failed, and was not completely needed to make the car drivable again. Although parts for a 1995 900se turbo are hardly in stock at the local parts store, the serpentine belt was and I was able to drive home. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for keeping the site alive and well. By the way, the Duralast part number for the belt was 967K6 from Autozone, it is also a 6PK2455. Thanks again. Bill

Your Website is the absolute "BEST".  I needed to repair the power antenna in a 1999 93, and since I was not familiar with this task, I went to the internet.  I found your "Antenna Mast Replacement" information just by chance doing a Google search.  I cannot thank you guys enough.  I am not sure who the author was that suggested using a 3/8 inch drill bit to remove the sleeve from the tube when it is corroded in place, but that little trick saved me from giving up. Many thanks to all of you at The Saab Site. This is one of the BEST sites for step by step information, and the parts I ordered were shipped immediately.  The antenna mast arrive in just a couple of days. S from Oregon

Again, Thank You so very much for taking the time to share your expertise.

Steve for Oregon

Upon completing an overnight order from "THE SAAB SITE" I forgot an important part so I contacted your company and left a voice mail. In one hour the call was returned and the part was added to my previous order - even though it had to come from another warehouse. Both parts were needed for my vehicle overnight and both arrived in time to make the needed repair to my Saab. Thank you so kindly from the bottom of my heart and may God eternally Bless your success. From one very satisfied customer (for life), WK

Let me start out by saying that I am a fairly intelligent single woman who researches EVERYTHING to the extreme and I love this site. I can't believe all the information and tech advise given. I LOVE my Saab but have had problems finding parts, info, etc. until now!! Thanks so much and please keep up the good work!!! K

Just wanted to thank you guys so much. I had a P1110 code read for me at Autozone. After doing some research on your site i decided to change the Turbo bypass valve on my 2001 9-5. I called the shop to see what it would cost for them to do it. Even without the $135 diagnostic fee it would have cost me $275 including a $50 fee to turn off my check engine light. I decided to use the info on your site and do it myself. Ordered the part, installed in less than 5 minutes. Pulled fuse #17 to reset the engine light and after $55 and 10 minutes of work my car is running great. Thanks again for a great site.

Hello, I would like to tell you that your website is absolutely fantastic! I am in Melbourne, Australia & own a 1995 900S Convertible. My car is named Inga (from Sweden) and she has been having a few problems lately.  After having repairs done on Inga I found that a few problems still existed with the soft top and stalling issues.  I then found your website & couldn't believe that it covered the problems I was having in such detail and also how to go about repairs.  I have been on your site again today as Inga has been having problems starting in the hot weather & I now know that it seems to be a faulty ingnition switch.  Your site is excellent.  Thank you so much. Shari

Kindest regards Shari

Just wanted to say that I received the twice module yesterday, installed it today car fired right up. Thank you for the quick turn around and for your service, a lot better than going to the dealer.
Thanks again, Bob

Just wanted to thank you Tony for quickly sending me the parts I needed and getting me in contact with one of your master technicians. I was able to
install the parts I ordered from you and following the steps from your master technician, Sandy, I was able to save over $3500 by repairing my ACC
system myself. You now have a customer for life! You guys are the best!

This is the best web site for a used SAAB (1997)that I have found? I have been searching the web for the last three days trying to find specific replacement parts for my 1997 90S covertible. This is the best and I will be ordering parts soon!

I'd like to thank you guys for providing this service. I'm thrilled to say that I was able to save over 50% when I replaced my Xenon lamps. I've purchased several items from you and have always had a positive experience.
sincerely, RJ

I have a Saab 9-3 2001 and have been battling with the display for yearsnow. I have looked into sending it away to get it fixed or just getting anew one but just have not gotten around to it. Today I was looking into itagain a happen to come across your web site. My Boyfriend and I decided togive it a try and it was a great success. Thank you so much for theinformation it saved me time and money. Bravo sir!!! RN

NO where else but thesaabsite had the parts that I needed for the leastamount of money! thanks to them I was able to get the part quickly. The seal for my conv 93 '04 looks great and I can finally enjoy my summer withthe top down!!! thank you

2000 95 spoke wheel Order placed yesterday rcv'd today - phenomenal! TB

I just recieved my second order from you guys within a months time and yetagin you did not fail to please. Very fast shipping and excellent customer service! thanks again for another quality purchase! SC

Hello to all those who are a part of I would just like to say my shopping experience with you was absolutely awesome. I ordered the part on monday night april 27 and have already recieved it via ground shipping Wednesday April 29. I have ordered from many parts places online and I dont think I have ever had that fast of a turn around! The packaging was generous, no skimping, and the part was of impeccable quality and as described. Thank you again to all those work hardto make it work! SCW

Thanks for send me my parts so quickly! They were here before I got anytracking information!! (laughs) BR

The Saab Site has done it again! Placed my order at noon via the internet and the parts arrived in Vermont the NEXT DAY!! You guys have the BEST service in the entire world and possibly in the solar system! Eric in Vermont

This is for you tw just want to thank you for putting up with me for the last year all the guys at thesaabsite have really been a god send to mekeep up the good work thak you! Hurricane

Email: vicareta@yahoo.comThank you for this site. It is so easy to order parts and save on cost ofparts and labor. It also makes it simple for without mechanical experienceto know what parts they need. I order one blinker headlight and doorhandle. I saved approximately $70 on parts and another $80 on labor. V

I wanted to take a minute to express thanks for saving me a bundle of $. Ihad a blend door issue (L/S) on my 1999 Saab 9-5. I had the repair kit shipped within 4 days to Michigan and had it installed in 1/2 hour @ a shop. Total cost was $140.00 - Much better than a possible $2000 bill from taking off the whole front console. I just bought this car for a great price. The previous owner possibly thought he was in for a huge repair and dumped the car on me. Looks like I win! I have added your site to my favourites list. Thanks again. (Ontario, Canada) BR

I just posted this 'Thank You' to SB on your forum site - but I wanted to thank you guys as well. You have all been more than helpful & saved me ALOT of money. If the dealer had been more forthcoming with what that had really done to disconnect the power, it would not have been such an ordeal. ST

Tony,I know you don't hear this enough. Thank you to you and your colleagues for the patience shown in getting my old Saab back on the road. As soon as I plopped that new fuel pump into the tank, hooked everything back up, and turned the key, she came back on immediately. Thanks for all your help. The diagostics were exactly correct. EK

Hi all SAAB owners. Happy to know this fine site. An old SAAB owner, age 73 years old, now my number 3 is a SAABi 3 doorshatchback a 900 i 16 valve from 1991/92 engine mounted lengthwise fittedwith a Borg Warner 3 speed automatic transmission, she has now run 248.600km. and fuel consuption is 9litre pr 100 km. Best regards Povl Gade. Denmark.

Just found your website and i was refreshingly pleased to see someone else in the business world proudly profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior. we have always tried to honor christ and treat our customers as we want to be treated. It has been enjoyable for the past 15 years. keep up the good work and you will continue to be blessed. Wayne Strickland- owner Speed Research Knoxville Tn.

Dear TW,

Just bought my 900 and found this site. Made an order for some small items and received them fast. This site has been a great help in sorting out the problems with my 900. Just made a new order today to get my A/C back up. Keep up the good work!!!! CS

Thanks for the speedy delivery of the motor mounts. I installed them this weekend and they fit perfectly. I will keep you in mind the next time I need to purchase any parts for the Saab. DB

Just received ball joints. Fantastic service. Noticed that new bolts and nuts were included with each ball joint. Will check you first in the future for SAAB parts.

I just wanted to give some positive feedback about the service I received from TW. Unfortunately, I received the wrong parts. TW's response was just hours after I sent my e-mail. Besides responding by e-mail, he called me up to explain what happened and what steps he was going to take to resolve the problem. What else could one ask for? Thanks for the excellent service! LJB

Thank you for the very fast delivery of my recent parts order, all items were first rate. EN

Please be assured that my experiences with you have been very positive. Your kind offer (in the phone message you left) to waive shipping charges on a future order is appreciated but completely unnecessary. The combination of insightful technical advice, competitive prices and remarkable customer service is all the reason I need to continue to do business with you. KB

I received my voltage regulator Wed. from my Monday order. Your turn around is excellent. I will use Your company as often as my car needs and your price is best!

I received the part today. Guys that was fantastic service!!! I will use you again first. EB

I'm a delighted customer! I thought I specified ground shipping, to save money, but the parts arrived today by Airborne, and they are on the car. BF

I especially appreciate the help you've given me on 2 issues that no one else has had answers to! JC

Yes, I received it today, I have installed the parts already. Thanks for the great service and your site. I'll be sure to visit it on a regular basis. Thanks, RA

The module came in the day after we spoke and I installed it that PM. Since then there has been lots of opportunities for a no-start but the car performs perfectly. I have been plagued for years with this problem and it is truly enjoyable to drive the car in hot weather again. Thanks for your help. LJ

Thanks again .. I am very pleased with the way the order was handled (and very glad to have new window switches). KB

I recently ordered on line from you and would like to compliment you on the efficiency and speed of the order and delivery. Will try to order from you whenever possible. JP

I'd like to commend you on the extremely fast turnaround on the last order I placed (for a 9000 tune up kit & sundry bushings). Thanks! BT

Super service and wonderful prices. I will use you for all of my parts needs! MB

I appreciate your prompt and helpful responses. It has truly been a pleasure purchasing from you, I look forward to our next transaction. Sincerely, JV

Thanks for getting me my center exhaust pipe so quick! It bolted right in with no issues at all. This is the second pipe I got from you guys (the rear one last time) and it bolted right in also. It is really appreciated when people (like you) take the time to make sure the correct parts get sent out - especially exhausts as they sure can be a pain. Just wanted to say thanks for the great service, TB

And, thanks for the very quick service on the spark plug wire set re. my Saabsite order. Tremendous turnaround time . . . and, as you stated, the product is indeed OEM, even to the extent of the vinyl tubing over the HT lead. If this is an example of your product and delivery (especially since I paid for Ground service and it was delivered by Airborne Express!), you have just got another long term customer. Keep up the great work. DA

A great selection of quality parts at very reasonable prices. excellent delivery time. will shop here again and again. JB

Excellent service! I will let the Saab Club of Kansas City know about your site! I just received the parts, and I'm impressed by the quick turnaround. Thanks for the help. I'll be ordering more very soon! CA

First of all, let me state that you are an incredible source of info and the turnaround time on my questions has been beyond belief. When I talked with you on the phone several weeks ago, I could tell that you were a man of integrity. Thanks to you, and others, I think I will be able to keep both of my classic 900s on the road for some time to come. Thanks again DA

Hi, I just wanted you to know you have awesome service. I received the parts today (just 2 days after I ordered them). RB

I received all the parts within a couple days of ordering and I've now gotten everything installed. The car sounds and drives great-- I think I'd had an exhaust leak for a quite along time--, thanks for all your help. BG

So far I'm very pleased with your service... and I'm saving a bundle compared to what I'd have to pay for these few items locally! LW

About 23 hours after placing my order with you (and I didn't specify or pay for overnight delivery), I had my parts. I'm am totally impressed. Thank you!!! P.S. While I already have my new parts installed in my Saab, I'm still waiting for other 'quotes' that I sent out 4 days ago. Thanks again. LF

Your new 9000 FAQ pages are the BEST! I have ordered from you before and your service is also the BEST! Your prices are very fair, as well. Keep up the good work!

Got the order today. Service was excellent! JM

Once again......thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Great prices and GREAT SERVICE. JB

Hello! The service was excellent and my part is successfully installed. Thank You! MC

Wonderful service and great to get the helpful hint. Part arrived one day after order and fitted within 10 minutes. I'll happily brag on your efficiency, thanks! DH

Thanks for the prompt delivery, parts got to me in less than 24 hours. JM

I'm impressed. Your website was one of the easiest to navigate that I've ever seen. Selection of items and placing of the order was the most painless on-line experience I've had. The diagrams and product descriptions were clear enough that a layman like myself can make sense of them. Shipping was great. Advice from your tech was to the point! MA

I am very satisfied with your service. You provide timely delivery of difficult to acquire parts at a reasonable price. The night I found your web site I had just spent $60 on a Saab 96 water pump. You have them for about $35. I waited two weeks for that water pump to arrive. My first transaction with you resulted in parts delivered within 2 days--->very happy!! I have quit doing business with that other gouging vender. I will continue to do business with you and hope to see your product line grow. I have 2 model 96s and thoroughly enjoy both driving them as well as working on them. PY

Thanks!! I received all the parts and they are great!! Thanks for the excellent service.

Just wanted to let you know that I just received my fog lights and I am very very pleased. Your excellent customer service and speed will guarantee that I will buy all my parts from you from now on. So sounds like we will become good friends since Saabs are so reliable (ha ha) JL

I got my order yesterday and got everything installed today. My car is back on the road. Thanks for the prompt service. BG

I am a very happy customer. Not only is the selection large and the prices reasonable, but the service was extremely prompt. I ordered parts online, received an e-mail confirmation of the order that same day, and received my parts the next day. Like I said, I am very satisfied. DM

Many, many thanks for the quick and accurate service. The re-build kits for the clutch slave cylinder and the master cylinder arrived today. This will help me get my '67 95 back on the road - it is a daily driver for me. I look forward to ordering more from you in the future. Your enterprise is a worthy and good one. Thanks for being there! DP

You guys are unbelievable. I hope that your company lives long and prospers!!!! (at least for as long as I own my SAAB.....just kidding guys :>)!! I must admit, I did have my doubts but once the original clutch came off I reviewed both pieces and everything was in sync. I will be doing business with you again not to mention my friend who owns a SAAB also!!! LV

Hi. I wanted to tell you that the rebuild kits I purchased for the clutch slave and master cylinder worked out perfectly! Thanks, DP

Thank you for the fast shipment on the turbo bypass. I installed the new part and that fixed the problem 100%. Thanks for your help! DS

Parts arrived today. Looks like everything's there. I'm looking forward to doing business with y'all in the future. Having lots of parts listed and priced on-line gives me the information that I need to start planning and taking on new projects. I'm sure that a lot of Saabers feel the same way.

Hello, Just want you to know that I received my order today. Thanks for the fast service, everything looks good. KS

The parts all arrived today, thanks a lot! The antenna mast went on in 5 minutes, and the rest should be quick as well - I really appreciated how quickly you responded to e-mails. Your parts are quite inexpensive, and the level of service you provide alone was justification enough that you've just become my #1 Saab parts supplier! JM

So, thanks again for your attention to detail and helping me through the hose selection, etc. I'm pleasantly surprised, very happy, and I've been preaching your website to 2 friends of mine! again, THANK YOU, and you'll be hearing from me again. KPH

Thank you for your prompt service. The brake cylinder fit perfectly and I can easily recommend your site and order processing service. JB

Thank you for remembering us and working with us on the shipping, some times companies who deal with, probably thousands of other people forget the "little things" some times. I tried to post praise on your site, but not sure how to go about doing this and we have recommended your company highly to our Saab club members who also are looking for a place who offers great prices and excellent service. R'C

I received my order in two business days. great service. I will definitely be ordering more! G

I think you guys are doing a great job. Fair prices and quick service keep it up. BB

I love your service!!! Thanks, guys. MA

I am very pleased with your online catalog and the prompt mail delivery. I take my hat off to you guys, keep up the great work! RD

I'm very impressed with your service!! I almost fell over when I found my package on the door step the very next day after I ordered it.....and was only charged $6.20 for shipping!! I'll highly recommend your site to all my Saab cronies!! RM

Good service, thanks! BS

Thank you for the fast delivery of the items below. They were all superb quality! EN

Hi, I just would to think you for your fast service I receive the parts today and everything is fine. SR

Thanks, I received the items today. I'd say your service was great! GR

Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday. Thanks so much for your help and support. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. LH

I am impressed with the way your company checks order processed prior to delivery, your competition needs to take a lesson from you! Keep up the good work! RD

half the cost and it looked better than the last one I got from them! keep up the good work! RC

Thanks for the speedy shipment of the brake master cylinder and I must say I was quite surprised. Not only did the part arrive faster than my local auto parts store could have got them in, it was also

Hello, I just wanted to say keep up the good work. My order was right on time and the parts I ordered were of excellent quality. I will be using you for my future needs. MK

Wow! Once again, fantastic service, ordered one afternoon and parts arrived next day. Thanks a million! JM

Hi remember me, I purchased some exhaust parts for my 97 900 S. I just want to comment on how fast the shipping was and thank you for answering the many questions that I had before I tackled this big project. The dealer wanted over $600.00 for the job by, doing the job myself I saved over $400!!! Thanks for having great prices and great service. My car sounds so quiet now with the new parts!!!! DM

I would first like to say that I have recently used your site twice to purchase parts for my Saab. I am extremely happy with your service. your prices and delivery time are excellent. I will recommend you to all that I come across who drives a Saab. TT

I received my parts last Friday and they are installed and working well. Thank you for your excellent customer service. I will definitely do business with you again. ZS

This was my first time ordering from you guys, and I just want to say your shipping, and service is great. I received my part the next day. Keep up the great work. JZ

Awesome service! Just received the DI and it is already installed. Less than 24 hours since order. Thanks for all your help. Dave

Received all ordered parts. You've got a customer for life (of car). SCJ

Ordering Saab parts is my first experience with online purchasing. I regularly order parts not car) for work by telephone and unless they are within a 50 mile radius of me I don't receive them for at least 2 days. My first order from you was here in 2 days, I expected 4-5 days, I was very pleased. My second order was placed Sunday morning about 1:00am, it is Tuesday morning 10:30am when they delivered my parts. I don't think it is possible to get them here any faster. Your service combined with your prices make you unbeatable in my book. I will sing your praises to fellow Saab owners. Thank you, TR

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I was very satisfied with your service. I got the right parts at a good price and sooner expected. Seems like that's a very rare combination these days! I won't hesitate to order again. SS

THANKS SO MUCH for your prompt attention to my order. I'm amazed at your service. I will definitely recommend your site to others! KD

You people are great. If it were not for you people and my husband I would not have may Saab anymore. It just turned 226,00 miles and I hope to keep it going. We bout it in 1984 and I would hate to have to retire it. Now that we have found you people it has a new lease on life. My husband is very impressed with the way the parts come and the service. Not so happy that he has to do the work on the car though! Thanks again! KS

Thanks for the fast & reliable service! Best Saab-related mail-order I've dealt with! JW

Thanks a lot for the incredible service. I got the lens yesterday. I really appreciate the efficiency of your service and the follow up on my original order. I am very satisfied with the level of help I received, all of my future Saab parts orders will be through you. I am also recommending your site to anyone with a Saab. Thanks again! TM

Got the parts, thanks much. It was quick and easy and your FAQ's helped me get the antenna mast installed in about five minutes. I appreciate the good service. Thanks again, ST

Just received the parts. This is the second order I have placed with you and am very happy with the quality of parts and the outstanding customer service. Look forward to future business together. dlm

Hi, Thank you for correcting my order. You have a great service. ( you make me look good too!) . Have a good one! Thanks again, DC

I placed my first order with your company and I am pleased to let you know that I am satisfied. I hope that future orders will be as successful. Thank You!! WM

Wanted to let you know that I am pleased with the speed of your parts shipping. I received all of the parts I ordered just 2 days after I ordered. That's great service! FW

Thanks, The parts came on Friday after noon, that was great, I put the parts in on Sat and everything is great. I was hesitant at first using an online ordering company but you guys were great and you saved me over a hundred $$$. Thanks RV

Thank you very much for all of your help with getting me the new Turbocharger for my Saab! The car is running just beautiful. I will send you a picture of the car soon! I can't wait to get the new exhaust system and the other stuff I ordered. Your site is getting me the parts I need for my car fast and efficiently...I can't thank you enough. Thank you, MH

I think your service is outstanding. Over the years I have learned that you can not rely on many parts stores. Especially ones in my area, they only carry parts for American cars. I have searched the internet for Saab parts suppliers and you are the only one that appreciates me as a customer. Many stores treat you like you just ruined their day for stopping in. It will kill them to look up the part for you. Besides many sites/stores take several days just to answer a simple question. For as long as I own a Saab, you will be my parts supplier. Being able to view the products on line is great, ordering online is even better. I am a person that loves to do everything from my computer. Your service allows me to do so. When I receive my merchandise, it is always in excellent condition and is exactly what I ordered. I can't tell you how many times I have ordered things from the Saab dealer and when it arrives it is for the wrong car...Don't get me started about thermostats. Your dedication to making customers happy shows. below, it is very rare for a Company to explain to a customer anything other than your order shipped. Believe me I do A LOT of online shopping. JL

I just wanted to let you know that the products I ordered the other day arrived safely on this Monday. I'm really pleased with the products. Thanks a lot. I'll be in touch again if we need to place another order. MI from JAPAN

I received goods on Wednesday and Thursday. I installed those on Friday. Thank you for your quick service. KM

I just wanted to send a huge thanks for tracking me down! I wanted to let you know that I thought it was very kind of you to check in on me. I think ya'll have a great site and do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work. The Saabsite is definitely the first place I will look for all my needs in the future! ST

Hi, I'm impressed with the speedy delivery of my order, which arrived today, Tuesday and am very pleased that you sent the "Bougicord" wire set. Thanks. KS

I believe your service is excellent. All three times, and more coming, I have used it my items have arrived pronto. Thank you for the great service! Sincerely, DZ

Your latest email confirming my order requested my thoughts on your service. I guess the confirmation is standardized and includes that request, as I've answered that before. I think you and your service are SUPERB. I don't have to wait hours for a response to my questions, and no-one seems more eager to help. Your thorough knowledge of Saabs instills trust. Your prices aren't bad either. THANK YOU. JB

The service was excellent, shipping was as promised, and the parts are first rate. Thanks Again, CS

Your prices and responsiveness are excellent and I look forward to patronizing you for a long time. GD

TW, I got the part I ordered about 10:00 am yesterday and had it in the car about ten minutes later. Thanks for going the extra mile to get the order out the night of our phone call. Your efforts will definitely make me a return customer. Gtr!

Just a note to let you know how I feel about your service. Excellent! Your follow-up and status e-mails were very helpful. Delivery-Excellent! You received my money order on Friday and I received the part Monday morning. Quality-Excellent! Ease of Installation: Easy. The only problem I had was matching the wire color coding. The directions had this marked out and my guess (brown to black) was wrong. Price: Outstanding. The dealer wanted $370 and Gold wing wanted $130 for a used regulator. Thanks. I'll use you people again. J

The order arrived today - very fast! Thanks for the quick service and good prices, I look forward to ordering from you again. Cheers, MD

Ordered the stuff yesterday, got here today. I don't *think* I asked for expedited delivery, but thanks for getting the stuff to me in time for some weekend tweaking. Great site, too! I can't think of a part I might need that isn't available on the site. I'm glad there's a Saab supplier like you guys! Keep it up! BM

I think you service is fantastic and delivery of parts has been extremely quick. I love the site, it's very easy to figure out the parts I need by my self. I also appreciate the communication. SP

I appreciate the consideration you showed me on the price increase. The price reduction (from sky-high) and free shipping is very much appreciated. It demonstrates a real commitment on your part and reflects very well on your company. I am relatively new to the Saab community, and I am very pleased to have discovered your site. It is well organized and works smoothly. The subsequent email support is great, too. Because of your very competent and courteous help, I will certainly head to your site first for my future needs. I still have the A/C to fix....

Hi, TW Received the order today-thanks for the prompt service! (And the M'Ms were a nice, TASTY touch.

I am very impressed with your site. The ease of use for the parts menus, the on-the-money installation advice and prompt delivery are refreshing to say the least. Thank you for your hard to beat customer service work.

Thank you for your hard to beat customer service work. The new turbo unit has been installed and makes my car feel so new again I wonder if I ever had a turbo before!! The old unit was shipped back yesterday. Will let you know how this one does through it's initial trials. Many thanks. God Bless, MLC

I got everything yesterday. Very Impressed. Thanks much. JA

Hi TW - I just want to thank you for your excellent service. Your prices are lower (even including shipping) than my local dealer's. Your technical advice has been excellent and helped me a great deal. Keep up the good work ! RM

Hello TW, I received your UPS ground shipment overnight on Tuesday. What a wonderful service both your company and UPS. Thank you! I could not be happier. Great price, lightning fast delivery, wonderful service. AM

Great site, made finding and purchasing the part very easy. (I just hope I bought the right part!) TS

Ref: order #3388083 for '99 9-3 Brake Pads and rotors. Received order in less than 24 hrs and parts were perfect. Outstanding service. Thanks MD

Hey TW~ I just wanted to let you know that I received my order the day after it was placed. Once again, your service was wonderful! I've already installed the parts and got my car purring again. We both want to thank you!!! Keep up the good work. ST

I just want you to know that the parts arrived on Friday. Were installed Saturday. and were a great fit. Thanks for your follow-up -- speed of service --- and great prices. Keep up the good work. WF

Hello Sirs: Just received the fuel pump, it is the right one and thanks for the prompt service. S


"Thank you very much! Your instructions were clear, concise and installing the new cabin air filter myself was easy and a great way to save the hassle of taking my car in to have it done. The cabin air filter was in desperate need of replacement! I will be posting some photos and a strong endorsement of your WEB site in the next few days. FF

I love your site! I ordered a few months ago and wanted to let you all know I loved everything about dealing with you all. I was very easy and everything went as planed. Delivery was GREAT! J

I had a question about a Saab I recently Purchased, and response was unbelievable. I now have this site in my favorites. Thanks a Million. J

Thank you kindly Sir, I received my order promptly and securely, thank you very much "TW" for your sound advice. I am sure you will be hearing from me again!! LPF

Just got my order! I will be using you for all my parts from now on!! The Saab dealer in my area is really bad, and over priced too. SM

I can't thank you guys enough! I ordered on Saturday and I had the parts on Tuesday! That is so incredibly awesome! All of the parts fit perfectly, they were all what I needed! In one day I put all new shock bushings on, new muffler brackets, and a valve cover gasket! It was all perfect! I can't thank you enough really! You guys are THE best Saab parts site EVER! No one is as cheap or as fast as you...You're my only place to shop now! The only place I'll buy Saab parts! Thanks so much, and may I hope and pray that God blesses you and allows you to keep this business going! Thanks so much!!! JW

Hi TW, You have come through again.
I got the Sway bar link and bushings today (just the day after I placed the order) Your instructions were perfect I put it in and the clunking noise is gone. The ball joint looked OK and I guess the rest of the suspension was OK too (but I am certainly no expert). The old link was bent at 45 degrees it must have hit some road hazard and the bushings were gone. This car is amazing with 225,000 miles it is still reliable. H

K, you guys convinced me! You just gained a very satisfied customer. I called Wednesday afternoon and ordered two exhaust parts for my '85 900. You had them in stock, and they showed up on my doorstep Thursday afternoon- without any expedited delivery! I should add that I had tried to buy these two parts last month- from a Very Big national car parts dealer. It took them two weeks just to get back to me and tell me they didn't have the part in stock and it would take over a month to get it. Needless to say, they lost my business and you now have it. Thanks MK

I'd like to report being delighted by a Saab net sponsor I ordered two exhaust parts for my '85 turbo last Wednesday afternoon. They had them in stock at a very good price and they arrived on my doorstep about 26 hours later- and I didn't order overnight delivery either! I had tried to order these same parts through last month. After not hearing anything for two weeks I emailed them to check on my order. They told me it would take over a month to backorder the parts and were canceling my order. Looks like I'll be sticking with http://www. they understand customer service. Thanks guys!

Hi TW, The service was fast, I just received all the parts within a couple of days (I live in Europe). Thank you for the excellent service. I look forward to our next transaction. Sincerely, JL

Your service time is great on your part delivery. I ordered in the morning and got the parts the next day by 1:00 pm. CG

Great site, great FAQS, great organization of parts. I haven't finished browsing your whole site, but I feel compelled to give you praise and will definitely purchase from you in the future. JS

Thank you for your excellent service. I rapidly received the correct parts for my car along with helpful advice. I will certainly return for my future Saab needs. Thanks! KE

Just wanted to thank you again for the privilege of borrowing your special wrench (11mm, 3-legged) which worked just great on the special Saab three-armed nuts. This may be old hat to you, but using the part numbers (you furnished me) to obtain and then rebuild the shifter housing in my '89 900 turned out beautifully. To refresh your memory, I needed to replace the front rubber bushing and the front nylon bushing in the shifter housing. I think Saab expects you to remove the big shift rod at the transmission to slide it through these components after the components are in the shift box. Nope - not this kid. I had ordered two each of the bushings, so I decided to experiment and slit the rubber bushing on one side so it would slide over the shift arm, and made two pieces instead of one out of the nylon bushing for the same reason. I assembled the white plastic bottom around this assembly and nailed it all down and filled it with new lube. The shifter works like new now, and I didn't have to jack up the car or re-align the shift arm. SK

Hi, (Saabsite order 3844342 ) Items arrived yesterday (12/12/01) safe & sound A very professional job. Thanks OT (Portugal)

Got the order, thanks very much, and thanks for the free oil filter! You are awesome! Have a Very Merry Christmas! J

TW: You guys at Protech are incredibly efficient! Thanks for the quick delivery of quality parts. The 900T is back on the road. Your quick service and accurately filled orders will assure that I continue to order parts for my aging 900 Turbo from Protech. Thanks again. JC

I recently ordered a center muffler and I want to thank you for your great service. BB

TW, I really appreciate your personal and expert attention. Tell the Boss I said commendation is definitely in order. If you're the Boss, Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Over and Out. LB

Overall, I'm pleased with the order. It was shipped promptly and I appreciate the notice that one of the parts was discontinued. I also appreciated the free oil filter and the additional discount on the order. I'll definitely order again. Thanks! EK

Hello, I just received my order today and the items look Great. Thank you for your assistance with my Saab. The part arrived at not a better time. Last Saturday the exhaust just finally broke off when I was shifting gears, and WOW it was like driving a True NASCAR. Thanks again, CP.

Hey TW, Just wanted to say "thanks" for your help with the torque arm bushings. Took about 1-1/2 hours on Saturday. Great improvement!! Thanks again, CL

I used your website to check on the parts number for my car. Unfortunately I am not able to purchase anything from you as it is not logistically permitting due to our distance. However, I hope you do not mind me using your site as reference to anything I needed to find out. I have also recommended your website to my friends and colleagues who are SAAB car owner and they are very pleased and commended for its being very informative. This is especially on the parts. Well done. SK

I just wanted to write a reply to say how grateful I am for your site and the wonderful service I have received from you. Thank you very much for all the parts you have supplied and for doing so at very reasonable prices. I can not recommend your site highly enough to those that I talk to. Keep up the good work and it's great to see that you've expanded you selection of parts. I'm sure I'll be ordering again soon ... my next project is a clutch job for my wonderful car. Again thank you very much for dealing with your orders in such a personable manner. It's sites like yours and TSN that keep my car on the road CJ

I received my parts order in two days! Excellent job! MM

Dear Sir: First let me say That you have one of the finest companies that I have ever dealt with. I ordered the ignition switch, shift lever lockout set, and the shocks for the tail gate. These parts arrived on Tuesday morning which was a pleasant surprise. RN

I ordered an antennae mast for my 93 SE and it was delivered the very next day. I can't tell you how surprised and excited I was that the antennae mast was delivered so quickly and installed the same day. Thank you so much! I will recommend your company to everyone. KW

I've been looking for a good source of knowledge to understand the types of problems the Classic 900's experience. You have it. TM

Hi TW, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for all your help. I am going to put the fan relay in tomorrow and hopefully that will turn off the fans properly. I appreciate your prompt, friendly service. Thanks again, MH

Order arrived, installed and perfect fit (Gee, why am I not surprised)! Thanks for your speedy action. I hope to be able to do more business with you...LD

Hi TW, Thanks very much for speeding up the shipping. I greatly appreciate that, and so does my Saab. Friday will probably be the last day that DI cassette is going to give me. I also greatly appreciate your contacting me and keeping me informed as to the shipping process, etc. What a terrific company to do business with. Wish I had found you sooner....would've saved me a couple hundred bucks that's for sure MR!

Just a note to thank you for your prompt response to my order. Received it 4/9/02 and installed the same day. Thanks!!!! AB

Hi folks, Just a quick note to let you know that everything went fine with the motor mounts. They arrived in just a few days and were installed earlier this week. My mechanic said they are top quality parts and the correct ones. I will certainly consider using if I need parts in the future. Thanks again.-BG

Man, you guys are FAST!!! I placed the order on Monday @ 5:36 PM and it was here when I got home Tuesday @ 4:00 PM. That's GREAT service. BC

Got the order today. You have a great site very informative keep up the good work. CG

Thanks TW. The kit finally arrived today and Lee installed it this afternoon. It's beautiful. Thanks for the way you handled this. We appreciate your responding to us even if only to say you had no new information. We'll check you out for whatever else we need. (Lee is a car project guy -- you'll hear from us until the car meets his specifications... You know.) AA

Tom, the order I made yesterday arrived today ( you over achiever) and the parts are in the car as of 4:40 pm......That is MY Saab story....Thanks for all your help, GM-In Sunny Florida

Thanks! You guys are better than the best. I got the distributor in today and I'll put it on tomorrow. SA

Fantastic service. .better than dealing with SAAB. All the advice given was 1st class...would NOT hesitate to recommend this site/service to anyone...keep up the good work....Dave B / UK

Your service is really first rate. The parts I ordered on Monday arrived complete on Thursday. Sure beats going to the dealer and paying premium price for the same part and waiting longer to receive the parts. DH

I wanted to thank you guys for getting me everything on-time, and let you know it all dropped in perfectly. You guys are Great. Thanks Much -- SJK

TW: Sorry for the late response. The parts all worked great! Saab is running much cooler now. Repairman that did the install work commented that the parts were top quality from a top quality vendor. Thanks, TB

First off let me say that I think your website is great. You have helped me in the past and I was able to purchase a set of brake pads for the front of my 1999 9-5 at a discount over the local dealership. Yahoo! WA

Thank you for the update. Thus far I am extremely pleased with your attention to customer service, and will definitely utilize you again for any future parts needs. Thanks again, JC

The parts arrived, fit and have been installed. Thanks for the good service and saving me some money! CVS

Thank you so very much for taking care of my business, and for being fair in dealing with me. I will probably get a few more "trinket" parts from you, such as bushing, etc. The cracking noise I wanted so desperately to clear up was not the bearing mount, or the strut. As soon as I finished all the work, I drove out of the driveway, and it cracked. I was broken hearted, but......I remembered what you said about tightening up all the members, so I found the sway bar nut ,on the right side was one turn loose. All other nuts were tight. The cracking noise disappeared. One year of annoyance, solved within five minutes. Thank you again. DS

TW, got the parts today install tomorrow just wanted to say thanks for the great service not to mention the great prices. My Saab is my baby. Its show room with 30,000 miles on it bought it new in 89. Keep up the great work. BV

Thanks a lot for the quick service when the car was essentially disabled and sitting on jack stands in the garage.

I ordered the fan switch as well as some other parts yesterday, and I received them at 10:30am today! I am incredibly impressed with the quality and integrity of service offered by Protech. I will be doing business with you for the rest of my life. Thank you. ES Helena Montana

It's 9:30 am here in Utah, and the parts I ordered from you late yesterday afternoon were just dropped off by Airborne! NOW THAT'S SERVICE!!!!!!!!! We expect to keep this car (a white 1991 900 SE Turbo Convertible) forever, and from here on out I'll be contacting you whenever I need parts. DH

Got it! Great work the order was perfect. Thanks TW

As a first time customer I am very pleased with the competitive pricing and value, quick and reliable shipping, and especially the knowledgeable service provided by TW! You've got the right formula for success - keep up the good work! I am a very satisfied customer, who intends to return real soon! LK

First I have to say thanks. I ordered a radiator and mounting kit from you for my '88 Saab 900 Turbo and it came THE NEXT DAY. Unbelievable service! Thank you. LB

Dear TW: I placed my order yesterday and received it today. I like the quickness and promptness in your companies work, that's the fastest I have ever received anything. Thanks so much. I will do a lot more business with your company. Thank you, JA

Just as you had said the parts you sent were TOP NOTCH!!! I have worked on many cars in my life but I have never had a car so easy to work on. It only took a total of 5 hours for me to change both front disc, install new pads, new spark plugs, rotor button, cap and wires, change the oil, install the new air filter and get my Saab in top shape. I want to thank you once again for the fine quality of not only the parts but the SERVICE! BW

GREAT service! FAST delivery - and a price lower than I was prepared to pay! I'll recommend you to anyone I know who needs Saab parts. RW

Thank you very much for your great extensive website, all your expertise, your willingness to fully help and offer advice, and also your extremely quick response time. It is always a pleasure to be your customer! Thank you again, Chris

I have to tell you, your parts are always the best deal. Thanks for being there. CW

I appreciate how on top of things you are, keep up the good work! Thanks, WJ

Hi TW, Thank you again for all your help-- your company has been an incredible resource for me and I have really appreciated everything you all have done in my recent orders. I have happily already recommended you to my father who also owns a Saab, a good friend of mine who is always looking for a good resource for parts and the future new owner of my Saab. JS

You guys are awesome. Ordered an antenna mast and it was on my doorstep in less than 24 hours. Sent an e-mail with a tech question and got a response in less than an hour. Why can't more companies operate like you? MF

Hi! First, I must give you guys a big appreciation for your FAST service! Ordered a new clutch master cylinder for my 1993 9000 CS yesterday - today I had the part in my hand!! Wow!! You guys are amazing! NS

Just a word of appreciation for the fast service provided (I talked on the phone with Tony). I ordered on Sep. 18th at 10:28 and had the parts delivered via UPS by Sep. 19th around 5:00 PM. GREAT service. T

TW- you are the best. You diagnosed my faulty radiator within minutes of receiving my email and had a new one at my door in two days. As a new SAAB owner, I think I've found a goldmine with Thanks. LB

Wow! Imagine my surprise when I started reading your "about us" page and realized you're Christians!!!

Thanks TW! I needed a fuel pump for my 92 900, TW went above and beyond the call of duty, researching my problem and sending the correct part to my doorstep in less than 24 hrs. Great service. MTS

It's very refreshing to find someone out there who doesn't seem ashamed of their Christianity. were an encouragement. May God bless what you're doing, SM

Thanks for your expertise and lightning fast delivery! From exhaust to brakes, you guys save me mad $$$$., SM

Thanks again. It was exactly as you guessed in your second email to me, a broken spring. I found the spring in the door, bent the broken corner and refit it to the lock assembly. Just wanted to thank you for your tip. Lee

TW--You were awesome to deal with!! The spark plug wires for my 95 900 were top quality. The service was outstanding. And the shipping couldn't have been quicker. I'd recommend you to any Saab owner. Thanks again, Tony

TW, You were right on the mark with your diagnosis to check for vacuum leaks, unfortunately no other mechanic was able to find the leak until a hose connected to the intake manifold popped out while driving on the hi-way and the car stalled. I opened the hood and it was obvious, patched the hose with a piece of gum to get home, ordered the $1.75 bushing and installed it, the car has been running smooth, power restored, and no more stalling. Thank you very much for your advice and for the low price, original parts you provide.
Very satisfied customer, AH

TW, Thanks for the quick response and service. Yes, the order is correct. I had heard your company was the only place to order Saab parts, and now I know why! I know I will be ordering more in the future. I have a few friends who have Volvo's and I will definitely let them know about your company. Take care and God bless

This is a incredibly' AWESOME site and you offer a terrific service. Great prices, great service, excellent and very HELPFUL information. Just totally top-notch in every respect. Thanks!! (no reply needed) BN

Thanks - great site. I have an old Saab and it is helpful just to have the diagrams and listing of the Faqs. I will be ordering parts, as soon as I figure out what my car wants!

I wanted to write and say thank you for the wealth of information that you have provided on your website. I can't tell you how many things that have gotten fixed on my SAAB since I have been visiting your site. Please keep up the great work because, shade tree mechanics like myself are using your FAQ's section to keep our Saab's alive. BB

I have been looking at your site for about 1 month now as I was looking for a comprehensive site to help me repair my car ('85 900 SPG) cheaply and properly. Thanks to you for your advice and parts. But the real kicker came when I found out that Jesus is Lord to you also. Thanks for remaining bold in Him.

Many Thanks to TW, advice and parts you have given me have been great, I could not ask for better service, keep up the great work you've got a customer for life with me, Thanks Marc

Your prices are unbeatable, the professionalism is refreshing, and I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank you, SB

Got them and they are installed .. thanks! .. pleasure doing business with you .. Kevin

Hey. First of all, thanks a lot for that free oil filter on my previous AC tensioner pulley order. Your help, courtesy and phenomenal consistency has been indispensable to me (my car says thanks too ) . Thanks again. -GB

Hello TW, I could not believe it when my wife phoned and told me I had received another part from Protech. The quick response was a very pleasant surprise. Your level of service and integrity is astounding. You deliver what I order promptly , bill me correctly and if there is a problem it is resolved quickly. Why can't everyone do business like this? MM

TW, I used the antenna mast procedure on your site and it worked like a charm. The dealer wanted $180B for the procedure. You just saved me $160 and have a customer for life. Thanks! JB

You are a pleasure to do business with. Today I got the timing chain! From not having that listed on your www to getting it delivered in a few days is simply amazing. DH

I am so happy I can't find the words! I ordered a few parts for my Saab on Saturday, I just received them on Tuesday! I mean you guys are the BOMB!!!!! I will never order from AutoZone or this other ripe-off foreign parts dealer again. A customer of mine bought a Saab 900 recently and I told him about your site. I can't wait to see him now and tell him how fast you respond to orders. CM

I just received the package. Your service is excellent .... Thank You. GK

I am so happy I can't find the words! I ordered a few parts for my Saab on Saturday, I just received them on Tuesday! I mean you guys are the BOMB!!!!! I will never order from AutoZone or this other ripe-off foreign parts dealer again. A customer of mine bought a Saab 900 recently and I told him about your site. I can't wait to see him now and tell him how fast you respond to orders. CM

I wanted to say thanks for the advice on replacing my Alternator Bushings and replacing the brake pads and rotors. Got it all done and everything is working great! The parts came very quickly and everything was there that I needed. I have really been enjoying working on the Saab myself plus it saved a ton of money! The brake and alternator repairs, along with repair of the air distribution switch would have cost $1,350 at my local import auto shop. I was able to repair it all myself for about $400 in parts! Wow!! It sure makes owning this car more enjoyable. HF

Hi Gang...I just bought a '96 Saab 900s and ordered some small parts. Very fast shipping and great service! Thanks so much for being an awesome resource for Saab owners! RW

A few weeks ago I talked to you regarding a vibration when my '95 9000CSE was stopped and in gear. The local Saab dealership had gone through considerable dollars and appointments in diagnosing and replacing parts, but never solved the problem. Included was Upper Eng. Mount, Vacuum line (200.00), flex pipe on exhaust, etc. I finally said that I was going to replace all the engine mounts to eliminate the possibility of a bad one. I collaborated with you in regards to diagnosis and you (without looking at the car) stated that it could be one of two things, mounts or Inner Driver. I purchased all the mounts and bushings from you at the time, wanting to eliminate them as the cause. I did not want to honor the local dealership with more business, so I went to one of the mechanics that you identified in (Missouri: G.A. Myles Automotive Services (George - owner 7909 Jaguar Trails Maplewood, MO 63143 PH(314) 645-9969) Please remember that I am from Washington, IL. and the owner of two Saabs (a 900 and a 9000), approximately 170 miles/3 Hours from St. Louis. I arranged a business trip and called to make and appointment on the same day. The phone was answered by Kate (George's daughter). Very gracious and also knowledgeable. I explained that I was coming from out of town, that I had purchased my own parts and the importance of getting in and out in one day. Trust me when I say, for some reason, I just got the feeling that Kate understood and I was not to worry. Upon arrival, I met George. Explained the situation and my frustration. He echoed my discussion with TW from By the way, both are Master Saab Technicians. Upon getting in the car and performing a few tests, he said that he could not confirm a faulty inner-driver. Even though I had already purchased every mount on the vehicle, he said that he would only replace those that he could not absolutely confirm as being in good condition. That evening I called to confirm that the vehicle was complete. Kate had again answered the phone. She explained than the car was finished and that I owed only 150.00. I must admit that I was a little leery, since I was expecting to pay much more. She explained that the problem was a bad transmission mount and that the rest were checked and are fine. I pushed back with, "are you certain that this has fixed the vibration"? And again, "that was all that was causing the problem". The next morning, I was greeted by one of the technicians. He was very courteous as we settled up. Again, leery that the problem was solved, for so little, when the Saab dealership was unable to diagnose the problem after many visits. I was pleasantly surprised upon starting the car and placing it in gear. NO Vibration. After months of appointments and many dollars of frustration with my local Saab Dealership, I can truthfully say that in the future all of my major repairs will be handled through TW at the http://www. and George Myles. It says a lot when I am willing to coordinate trips or days off to travel to St. Louis, rent a car and potentially pick up the cost of a motel. I am particular when it comes to the maintenance of my vehicles, George (and TW) deliver on Customer Satisfaction and it is worth it to me. Feel free to use the above as a testimonial. Thank you, RFH

I love I've dealt with you guys before and the service was excellent. I purchase a 1987 900S Hatch and I needed several parts, which I purchased through you last year. Before that, I owned a 1986 900S 4 DR. I purchased a 1990 900S 4DR yesterday and I need all of the parts to get it up speed. I've finally found a nice one...Thanks so much. KM

Received my muffler today in perfect condition and it appears to be exactly what I ordered. I was pleasantly surprised that I received it so soon after placing the order, thanks for your quick response. I just purchased a 92 5 door turbo and if I should need parts for it you will be hearing from me again. thanks, J

Dear TW: I really appreciate your prompt response. It is rare these days that one gets a prompt response over the internet. Naturally, I will spread the good word, and to more than the statistical 10 people. I work in the Outdoor Outfitting Industry, at a one-on-one level with clients, and know how important each of them are to my success. Thank you so much for the GREAT SERVICE!!! BS

Hi TW, The fog light arrived immediately and the tire rim arrived yesterday, exactly as promised. I am very happy with your service! By the way, there is another benefit in buying from you that I had not realized. By getting the parts from you rather than the dealer, I can shop around for the best installation price too. Today I took the tire rim to my buddies at Americas Tire Company where we buy tires, and they installed the rim for free! Thanks P

Hello-Thank you for the updated invoice. As to your service, I think it is great. This is the second (or third) time I have ordered parts and they have always come quickly and been the right parts. I also appreciate the incredibly nice people who answer your phones. It is great to deal with people who know what they are talking about and seem to enjoy what they are doing. I think that you guys and "Sierra Trading Post" are my two favorite on-line/mail-order stores. Keep up the good work. I do wish, however, that I had read your FAQ about the plastic sunroof ramps BEFORE I placed my order, because I think they will fix my leaky sunroof problem. Oh, well, I will get them the next time I place an order. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Best-ML

Just a note to say thank you for your help with my radio. After a couple times talking with you I ordered my new radio and a few days later found it sitting on my front door step. After opening the package it took me less than 30 seconds to install the unit and find that my problem was corrected. Awesome! You helped save me money and I feel like I made a friend. Thanks TW. I'll be back! R

Car now rides and handles like new! No rattles or clunks from the front suspension with the new shock bushings! One again, I'm a VERY satisfied customer of the Saabsite!! Thanks you so much for your help and for the competitive prices and fast shipping on great Saab replacement parts. JH

Trans installed and core returned UPS on Tuesday. My installers were impressed that the case was not over sprayed with a silver paint to make it look good it was just the bare metal looking good and clean. Also impressed with the care that was taken to not only pack but also to seal and provide return sealing instructions Car shifts well and quick; gear box feels nice and tight (despite typical SAAB rubbery gear lever) I looked for an account profile to store my info for continuing ordering on your site I guess you don't have one, or did I overlook it? Will be ordering more soon. Thanks for your help. J

I'm blown away. Just got a headlamp lens from you for my '99 9-3 (at a fraction of what the dealer would have wanted) and the fact that you included a photocopy of the installation procedure was stunning. In 30+ years of doing my own work, I've never had a supplier include installation instructions of (I assume) their own accord. Well, you guys have found a new regular customer. THANKS! BT

I only have a few words to say about the company." They are Fantastically Fast". Thank you all. NP

Thanks! I continue to be impressed by your outstanding service, the excellent quality of the parts and the speed at which they show up my doorstep. FF

Easy to use site and ordering. Parts got here in less than a week and well known parts manufactures is a big plus. Almost like I was back working in my old dealership. Thanks Jeff

Your the Best Thank You, Thank you, Thank you. IM so glad this is over with. (LOST PACKAGE)
If you guys ever need a letter from a satisfied customer Let me know!! Your support throughout this whole crises has made up my mind that I will only purchase My Saab parts through you guys. BG

Hello, I'm writing to let you know about your service. It was GREAT! Everything was packed together really well, and the shipping was very prompt as stated. Thanks again for everything, I strongly admire your good quality and excellent customer service which is no longer the norm these days. I'm certain that I'll be a repeat customer in the future, and thanks for advertising on The SAAB Network (TSN) which is how I found out about your organization. YLM

I ordered my hood emblem on Friday and it was delivered to my office by Monday morning. Excellent service at a reasonable price! DB

You guys are the best! Excellent service on the phone, easy ordering off the web, unbeatable prices and lightning-fast delivery. Would order from you and recommend you anytime. Feel free to use this testimonial on your site. Everyone should know about your excellent products and service. Thanks so much! KW

Your Saab site is the Best of all on the internet. colorful, organized, informative productive, helpful. JH

Wonderful service! I ordered parts around 4:00pm yesterday and got them at 11:15 am today. Hard to beat that. Larry Wilson

TW, Thanks for your normal "Most Excellent" service and support. I consider you as both an invaluable resource and, a good friend. Best wishes. SHF

received the goods. Excellent service. Hope you stick around for a long time. MG

I received the goods on Monday, perfect ! Thanks, we will do business again. EdT

Your service is outstanding, I got my package sooner then I expected. Thanks YPJ

Thank you TW for your kind and quick order going out and getting to us in a very timely manner. we will remember you for future parts needed!! RJ

If it had not been for the Saab site, and the part numbers I wrote down, I would have come home without the shifter ball (the parts guy had not recommended it when I went in), and mine was shredded. I will, of course, continue to buy parts from Http://www. VS

Hey TW. Just wanted to say thanks for the site and GREAT service. I ordered my new German Canvas top and two new pistons for the top from you guys and both arrived on time as promised. My mechanic wanted to charge me $400.00 a pop for the pistons so no need to tell you the $189.00 ea for a brand spanking' new one was a lot better deal. I turned him onto your site by the way since Saab's and Volvo's is all he works on Anyway thanks again for the great service! TS

Just want you to know that if I ever need Saab parts again I'll be buying them here. Great service. Great help over the phone. Ordered my stuff on Wednesday, got it all on Thursday. Communication was amazing. Really, really wonderful doing business with you. Probably saved 60% off of Saab's prices. DG

TW, The door pulls arrived Saturday afternoon and have already been installed. Thanks for the great service. I have recommended your site to everyone I know with a Saab (we tend to find one another) or a Volvo. RCS

Thanks for the additional information. Thus far, your service is fantastic. I hope I can easily solve this problem I'm having with the car - sounds like its an easy fix. As you know, these cars have lots of little problems the older they get. Thanks again for your help, AD

Thanks for the great product and customer support! This part does work perfectly fine for a 1991 Saab 900 Intercooler, Turbo convertible. There was a little discrepancy if it would work or not. It was not a lot of fun installing it however it's done! DS

I have ordered a lot of parts from the site and received them in a timely fashion. I would like to thank you guys for prompt service and low pricing. MC

This message is for you in the matter of the Remus cat-back exhaust system we have spoken about over the past two days. I have submitted the order in my wife's name with the ship-to address of my local Saab specialist. Thank you for honoring your commitment to match legitimate pricing, that action on your part speaks volumes in your favor. HE is pleased with honesty in HIS children that shows that they live with different values than the world! Warmest regards, TG

You guys are great! You always have the parts I need and deliver them faster than I expect. I love your website and refer to the FAQ's regularly. You guys are always willing to work with me and help me get what I need. It's really a pleasure to work with you. JS

TW, I really appreciate your service not only on this order, but on everything I have ordered with Saab site. You guys provide prompt, quality service. You are certainly my only recommendation when someone asks me about Saab parts. Definitely a one-stop shopping experience which is definitely convenient and reliable. Again, thank you for your help with this matter, and I look forward to future business. Thanks, MT

TW, I wanted to make sure everything fit before I gushed about how great your site and service are. I can now do that without hesitation! I only wish I could find a site like yours with parts for my Chrysler minivan! Thanks again for doing such a great job. JS Akron, OH

just wanted to tell you that your service is great! I ordered a part for my Saab on Thursday and received it on Friday. You can count on future orders from me. Thanks again. BA

Thank you for your excellent and prompt service. I hope to use your service as much as possible in the future. Saab forever. AB

Inquired about parts....Bosch Fog/Driving lights....but for an Acura....kit looked universal.....ordered 4 lenses ( 028560 )yesterday....received today..... WOW....installed in 4 minutes....great service...I've even recommended you to Acura dealers in my area....for their other customers.........JSD

TW, The shelf arrived yesterday afternoon and it is perfect - exactly like the original. I already installed it in my car; and as you instructed it took seconds. I will defiantly recommend you to all my friends for parts. Thanks again for everything, including your patience. Mary

Just wanted to say thank you for getting the oil pan to me by Wednesday. I was able to install it and make it to work on Thursday with no problems. I have 5 Saabs so I will be using your site more often in the future. Good service is a hard thing to find. George

I received the additional hose today, amazing delivery time! Thanks very much! Mark

Hi - very pleased with my experience - the parts I ordered arrived the next day, which I thought was extraordinary, and they were terrific. Thanks EI

TW, Thank you for the outstanding service. I got the package on Sat AM, the13th. Installed the next day and problem solved. Now if I can figure out how to get it out, I'm going to order a fog light next. Thanks again, WW

Thank you for being so prompt with sending the parts. You have an excellent site and I use it a lot for Faqs. Now that I know how easy it is to get parts from you, you will probably hear more from me

Thanks for the speedy delivery! The seat basket kits were a life saver. I am restoring a 84 900S w/ 138k on it and had no idea I would have to deal with seat repair. The kits installed fast. Your site is the only site I know of that has them and I wasn't looking for them when I found your site. Thanks again! KD're scaring me! This is the second time in less than a month that you have delivered my order in 21 hours or less! Your Service is Amazing!...... I mean this is Florida, it takes that long for the clerk at the parts store to get from the back of the store to the counter and then remember WHY he's there. Keep spoiling me. GM

Ordered parts on Friday AM, sitting on my doorstep noon on Monday! This with ground shipping and I'm in Minnesota. Great service! BP

TW, Thank you very much for your great service! Looking forward to getting my parts and installing them. Thanks again, St

Thanks for getting my parts to me so fast. It has been a pleasure doing business with you! TW


Thanks. Parts came today, your price was great, I'll recommend you to my friends with Saab's. A

You guys rule!! Not only do you have all the parts, you have tips and instruction on how to do everything. Now we can finally fix all of the annoying things that are wrong with my '88 9000 Turbo. It's got 199,000 miles and is still going strong. We haven't placed an order yet, but will be soon. Thanks for a great resource! CG

Jerry is awesome! I have a 95' 9000 CS that wouldn't turn off when the key was turned to the off position. Also, the daytime running lights quit working. After discussing it with Jerry, he asked if any light bulbs had been replaced. We had replaced a tail light bulb just a couple days ago, right before the problem surfaced. Jerry's recommendations were right on the money:
1) Check and see if the bulb is the right one, because it could cause an unwanted electrical path if it was incorrect.
2)Check the headlight switch by unplugging its connector and see of the ignition operates properly.
3)If none of the above, then the electrical side of the ignition switch is bad. We checked it out and found we had installed the wrong bulb in the taillight. Also discovered that this had burnt out the day time running light fuse. We replaced the fuse and installed the correct tail light bulb and the ignition problem was fixed. Thanks again for the prompt, complete and accurate help. I look forward to continuing to do business with you. Your parts service is outstanding and now I know your tech support is equally superb. JF

What a friendly and useful site for non-mechanically inclined (female) customers! TR

I recently purchased a 1997 9000 CSE Turbo. One of the few things the car needed was upper motor mount replacement. I had the dealer do some other things when I bought the car and had them quote their cost of replacing the mounts while the car was there. Their quote for this was $360.00! An independent shop quoted $225.00. Thanks to you and your willingness to offer direction and parts I chose to do this myself. I ordered the urethane bushing kits and they were at my door in two days!! As you said, the job took less than an hour to complete. I realize this is a very basic and easy job, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you are here and willing to offer and share your knowledge for free and parts at a reasonable price. I'm sure that I will never have the pleasure of meeting you, but know that I have a huge respect for you and what you are doing and wish there were more like you. PH

Hey TW. Dash arrived yesterday safe 'n sound. This was a perfect transaction in every way. Thank you very, very much. Take it easy, Jon

Jeez TW, you guys are fast. I got the replacement hatch strut very quickly. And I'll tell, you, I would NEVER have guessed how heavy a Saab 9000 hatch is, had I not tried to hold one up with my back many times over a several day period. So I appreciated the speed of getting the new one. Sincerely, EA

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out last night with this order. It arrived this afternoon and I have already installed the regulator in the alternator and all is well again. Thanks again for expediting the order. My mind is at ease again knowing the regulator is working again. C

Thanks for the order, it came today. You guys are quick. Next time we do business should be before the month ends, I need to get a new a/c dryer when I do the 134 conversion. Till' then....God Bless KD

Just a quick note to say thanks a million! I spoke to my mechanic Saturday and told him that I would be ordering my new rotors and brake pads for my 1995 900S Convertible on Tuesday morning. I did just that and I can't believe it. The parts are already here and it only took 48 hours from the time I ordered them! I figured it would take at least a week. I just called a few minutes ago to let him know that they had arrived and when I discussed the brand names, not only was he impressed but also very surprised that I paid so little money! Thanks again. I know where to get parts for my car now and I don't have to pay dealership or automotive repair prices! DB

FYI: Everything came in last week and the Saab is back in action. Again, thanks for all your help. Looking forward to doing business in the future...although hopefully not to soon...MB

Hey TW, I just thought I would thank you again for the prompt service. You have a great thing going here, but I see where my services could benefit us both... I do have a fine-arts degree with a minor in computer graphics if that helps. I see also that your team shares my feelings about Jesus Christ, so we should get along great...RH

Thank you very much and God bless you ! I have already been telling others about you and your great service and company ! CE

Thanks, you guys are great. I have been doing business with you since Jan 2002 when I bought my Saab and your website, parts and service have been great. Best Regards, Steve

Thanks, you guys are great. I have been doing business with you since Jan 2002 when I bought my Saab and your website, parts and service have been great. Best Regards, Steve

Again, you guys are great. Ordered on Saturday, parts arrived Wednesday, via UPS ground. I feel like While E Coyote ordering stuff from Acme corp. Keep up the great job. FB

Thanks for the quick response. The parts that were ordered were all good and worked well. I appreciate the good service and the decent prices. I'll spread the good word. AJ

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate the GREAT!!! Service you have provided. You are the fastest shipper I have ever ordered from. Vehicle is fix, and the customer HAPPY!! L

Hey man, just got the part today! That was quick! As always I'm impressed with the service I receive from you all. Thanks for keeping me on the road. JM

I was very pleased with the exhaust that I ordered from your site. TS

needed for my beloved Saab in a very timely and reasonable manner. It's always feels great when I experience such outstanding customer service. Keep up the great work! Best regards, RM

Got the valve in today. It worked!!! It is the same diameter and shape as the old one. The only difference was the line fitting was larger than the old one but I was able to stretch the line and get it fitted (hard procedure). I removed the check valve and installed it, no leaks and a smooth fit. Thanks for the help. AF

Ordered a cylinder lock for my 1992 900 Saab on Thursday and received it UPS ground on Friday. It doesn't get any better than that! Thank you very much for such great service. RS

Awesome delivery time! Great service and prices. Thanks! DB

Thank you for your prompt delivery of my order (#7045449). I'm very pleased! RD

Hi, I recently (this week) received the BOV I ordered, great packaging and turn time! IT also cost me HALF of what the local Saab dealer was asking. ES

Got the shipment today! Prompt and complete! I'll recommend Saabsite to all my friends! We have three here at the house, and your cost for whole order was less than headlight alone from local dealer. Thanks again! TH

I just wanted to send a quick thanks for the prompt and professional service I have received from your company. Most of my order arrived earlier than expected; when I called to find out about the rest, I received prompt service and an answer within 1/2 an hour. Thanks again - I will continue to use the Saab site and recommend it to friends. JB

I purchased a 1987 900 turbo from an abandoned vehicle auction ( $350) , and got it home to begin the FUN task of restoration My 1st major problem was a faulty reverse idler arm. Well needless to say I followed your advice and soon had the idler arm removed and converted to the specs you recommended. Thanks

Thanks for the info – transmission hose has been received. I appreciate the excellent customer service and will order again I'm sure! DS

I just wanted to extend my thank you for handling my order so promptly. The electric seat switch I ordered on Thur 05/20/04 was delivered on Saturday just as I had requested. The installation went smoothly as well. TD

The muffler kit I ordered recently was excellent. Thanks for the great instructions, and all the right parts to complete the job.

Thank you very much I got it today! That was outstanding service. You guys are the best and no one can beat your service and prices. Peter

One word describes the last order and the way it was handled.............Amazing !!!!ordered yesterday and most of it showed up this morning..... I am reminded once again why I buy my parts from The Saab Site....
Thanks, RB

I came across your site earlier in the year and it's been a god send! Hawaii has only one SAAB dealer and lets say they have a captive market and prices to match. I've been able to find those little things that are normally hard to find and really appreciate it! Keep up the good work! Now if I can just find a shift knob for my 98 900s life would be good! J

Great site! Yours is the most Proactive SAAB parts and info site I have ever seen. I will make it a habit. D

Received the parts corresponding to this order this evening. If the part are as good as your prompt delivery, I shall be very happy to get my Saab back on the road. My next door neighbor has a 9000. I gave her your site to get information and parts. Thanks, RT

Thanks again. You are the most amazing resource and mine of information and help!. The local Saab charged me $13.95 EACH for the 4 lock nuts for Turbo to Exh manifold. They are apparently special and cannot be trusted if re-used. One day the job will be over then I will just clean up and drive it for another 108K Mi !! Best wishes Charles

FYI....I LOVE THIS WEBPAGE!! I already found the answer to my question!!! OMG what a great page!

Got it - exactly what I needed. Great price and excellent service - I've got your website saved. Thanks. JV

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post all that Saab info on the web. I have a 94 900 Convertible and used your site for info and parts. Thanks, Joe in NYC

I received the second order reply for order #9151239. Again, just want to thank you for your excellent service. The new radiator from the last order is working great. WOW, what a difference it makes. Thanks DH

First of all, THANKS for the quick, and I mean quick delivery of my new starter. As usual you outdo yourselves in the customer service category!!!! RS

You guys are a life saver. The products & prices have allowed me to keep my 5 Saabs running! AF

The parts arrived! Thanks so much for the fast courteous service! I will refer you company to my import shops in the future. What other lines if any do you handle? Thanks, Leo

And thanks again. By the way I successfully installed the gas tank without any problem. It took me a good 3.5 hours but had it not been for your advice I would have been "lost" and who knows what I would have done. I appreciate your help very much. O

Your service was fantastic. The item came so quickly I was shocked. Thanks again! KM

To the Saabsite; This is not something I normally do but I felt it need be done. Your site and professionalism is fantastic and unsurpassed!!!! Your tech advise and parts availability is the standard that should be modeled by all...However, is not!! I thank you again and again for time and money saved by your honest expertise. Dr. D

Thank-you for delivering my a/c dryer so promptly! Excellent service - thank-you. AS

I love the brakes. The cross drilled rotors combined with the ceramic pad gives a much more solid braking feel. SL

on time and right part. Thanks TW, CS

TW, Thanks so much for all your patience and help in getting all the parts I needed of my engine overhaul. Some of the parts arrived within 12 hours of placing the order. Everything else arrived on time. I couldn't have done it without your help. The parts were right, and the price was right. I'll be ordering more stuff soon. Thanks again, KB

Got the order this afternoon! Installing the rotors tonight! Good Job! Thanks J

I Got the package today. Great Service. (Finland) Thanks, Niko

Thanks for the fast shipment. Fhm

Dear friends, I have got the engine mount and I can finally ride my Saab! Thank you very much for your professional service (better then in all Europe). Best regards Petr Simunek, Prague, Czech Republic I wanted to send a thank you for the quality and accessibility of information your website offers. I have been able to partner with my SAAB mechanic in providing best possible care for my 1996 SAAB 900s. Ironically, he recommended this site to me. Thanks, Dave

This was the first time I ordered parts from this company, I was VERY impressed, parts were received the next day- I was expecting a week, the parts were exactly what I wanted- thank you. CW

I want to thank you for recommending the replacement of the timing and balance chains when I had the head off to do the gasket. Initially I was a little reluctant to venture too much into the front side, but found it wasn't that difficult. Thank you for your great advice and service. Sincerely, DD

I just wanted to thank you for the prompt service on a parts order. I ordered an idler pulley for a 1988 Saab 900S, on 11/10, and because of the holiday (veterans day), didn't think I'd receive the part till the following week. The part was delivered today, 11/12! Thanks again for the great service! You guys do a fine job. EK

Dear TW, Thank you for the tip. I replaced the coolant temp sensor on my 89 900 with the one you sent me. The intermittent idle problems that were driving me crazy disappeared. The coolant sensor had been replaced by my garage but silicone sealant had been used and I guess that that created the intermittent problem with a variable electric ground. I can't thank you enough!

Hi there. The part arrived about an hour ago: it is already fitted and all is good. You guys are incredibly fast! Thanks so much. RH

First I would like to say that I have recently ordered several parts from your website. I really appreciate how comprehensive, and how good of a selection of parts your site carries. I' am really impressed, I have looked at other sites, and http://www. is second to none. BL

Mass Air Flow Sensor for 2002 SAAB 9-3 SE 2.0 Turbo. Thank you for the prompt service and quick shipment of my Mass Air Flow Sensor that I ordered from you last week. Your prices are the best around hands down. The part works perfectly and now my wife can quit complaining about how bad her car is running. lol Thanks again, your site is the best. JC

Since I see testimonials on your webpage, I thought I'd chime in, too: Kudos! to you folks at HTTP://WWW.! My parts arrived overnight as promised. They were expertly packed. The quality of service and advice I received was excellent. Well done, TW and crew! Dean

I have placed several orders for parts over the past couple of weeks. I have been very pleased with the promptness of the processing and shipping of the orders. In addition, the selection and availability of parts is great! Cheers! BR

Thank you for your prompt reply and great service. I will keep this in mind in the future. Have a wonderful and safe holiday.
Happy Holidays! T

Your website is fabulous - especially the FAQ sections. I used the FAQ section to order all the parts we need to replace a blown head gasket - and received delivery in a couple of days - even with the busy Holiday season - thanks. FF

Your service is superb - prompt, economical and well stocked. Your site has much more useful information than the service manual for my SAAB. Thanks for being there. RBR

I would like to say thank to you folks. I received exhaust parts for my 1997 SAAB 900S quickly, and received first rate customer service. Thanks again to TW and the Saabsite for everything. MM

Thanks for looking into it. You guys are a great company. The best Saab site on the net. I ordered a bunch of stuff previously from you and everything was great. DT

Thanks for your help with my parts. Everything arrived in good time. I'm very happy with your service, and your prices are very competitive. I hope to use your service again in the near future. BM

It was a great experience. I am not a mechanic but I do work on vehicles, replacing things like U-joint assemblies for a Jeep, radiators for a Oldsmobile and Jeep, and now a telescoping antennae for a Saab. The part works great and I live in a very cold climate and it doesn't stick. I hope you can list even more parts as I plan on replacing more parts on this vehicle. RAG

Parts arrived quickly, so Saab is going on a 2k round trip Thank You very Much for Prompt service!! M

Thank you for all your help, service was great and the radiator fit like a glove. Sorry I took so long to respond. FP

Gentlemen, My wife's 1984 APC 900 turbo is her pride and joy. As the car is going into its third decade, parts are getting harder to come by. The local dealer quoted me twice your price, and a week for delivery. You had the part on my doorstep the next day! My wife is very happy, and if my wife is happy, then I am happy. Thank you, BB

Thanks for the great customer service with my parts ordering for my 1996 - 900s and 2000 - 9-3. I'm presently stationed overseas in the military and have a question about my Saab 9-3. After having the engines light go on at the dash and quickly getting a diagnostic check done, I was told that the rear oxygen sensor needs replacing. I was wondering while I'm waiting for the sensor to arrive to my APO Box and having the new sensor installed - is it still ok to drive the car around? Does it matter if the drive is a short or long distance in miles? It still starts and runs fine, or will it further damage and cause more serious problems to the engine? Thanks for your time and help in this matter! RP

Thanks for your excellent service and professionalism from start to finish with this order. I have already recommended your site to several Saab and Volvo owners that I know, and will continue to do so whenever the subject comes up or the opportunity presents itself. BK

Just wanted to Thank you for shipping the part so quickly. I was surprised by the quality of the part provided as it was OEM and matched perfectly and I saved about half of what the dealer wanted. I will be using you site in the future and recommending it to others. Thanks once again and God Bless. JB

Hi Tim, I can't thank you enough. I did as you suggested, took off the console. The spring seemed okay, though maybe some debris impeded it. I wiped everything down, put it back together and now it works fine. The button on the shifter now sticks out about 1/4 inch more than it did for some reason. Anyway I'm very glad that the 2K I've put in the car is not down the drain. I was so close to donating it away. Thanks again, Mike.

Just a quick Thank you for your quick responses and delivery of my SAAB parts. Its nice to know I have a place to go to get what I need, KG

I am still amazed at how quickly you guys ship orders. Thanks again for the great service and quality parts. I just bought another old SAAB (88 SPG). I'll be retiring the 85 900T. So I expect to be ordering a bunch of stuff over the next few months as I get the "new" car in shape. JC

Next I just have to say thanks for your usual quickness. I received most of the parts in just 2 business days. Your service is about as close to instant gratification as it gets. I joke to my father that you send the parts before I order them. DS

FYI, I was in customer service for many years and appreciate good service when I see it...and I write letters. If possible, I would like you to be recognized for yours...please let me know where to send a complimentary letter and how to have it referenced to you. M

I ordered gas shocks from Tony on Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm local time. The parts arrived in San Diego the next day at 1 pm. That's amazing service. Thank you. LR

This order was received today, March 2nd. That's good service!! Ordered late Monday night, delivered Wednesday afternoon. BB

The new alternator (Borsch rebuild) seems to be of excellent quality and is working perfectly. Your service is great. You make the prospect of overhauling and maintaining my old Saab a very viable proposition. RP

I'm happy to say that I received & installed my Direct Ignition Module for my Saab 9-3 2000, with no trouble at all. It took less than 5 Min. & saved me a total of $450 in labor and parts! (dealer quote) Thanks for all the online photos & descriptions. I gave me the courage and faith that I could do this job! RAG

What a GREAT site! All these years I have had a Saab and so happy to discover you guys at last. Keep up the GREAT work and thanks a million. MC

Products came promptly and were exactly what I needed. Thanks, RM

Thanks for your detailed repair of 2000 9-3 radio antennas. Your site provides great advice, as well as well priced OEM & reliable after market parts & saves me time and money. JS

Hello, One of two of my Saab 9000s had a bucking problem on hard acceleration. I followed your advice, purchased a new APC solenoid and hoses from your company at you website and the problem is gone! Thank you! DS

Enjoyed your Saab 9000 Faqs particularly the ones regarding brake pad replacement. I couldn't find this information anywhere else online, and I know you have saved me $$$$$ - keep up the good work! AS

Hi John, Long time, no talk to. I had heard that you now had the part to repair the air mix through http://www. Went online, found it, ordered it and it arrived a week or so ago. Just back on the 'box' after spending two well and I am very pleased to report that the self-test now shows a '0' after the test. My wife will be so pleased, especially after this winter when there was some but not much heat. Earlier in February, I had a chance to talk with the previous owner who sold the car after not having AC throughout the summer months. Crisis this summer is averted. Even with my large hands and insufficient room to maneuver, it was done quickly. Most of the time spent over an hour was searching for batteries and, when none were found, another small light source to see what in the world I was doing. Had that issue not been an impediment to getting the job done, it would have taken just over an hour. Keep up the good work! You have my strongest endorsement for your product as it has saved me $2000 in repairs and a lot of down time on the car. Sincerely, Brooks

Thanks for your reply -You guys are the best place I've found for Saab parts anywhere online. Alex

Thank you for your help. I will continue to buy parts from you. Your site gives me the technical information to keep my 94 running smooth. MV

I received the part last week; got it fixed this week. It works wonderful. Thanks for the great deal. I have recommended your name to my friends who own Saab. I saw that your website has testimonials. I did not find any form to leave mine. You can feel free to use this email and my email id as a testimonial. Thanks again! --S

Let me tell you it is hard to find a company were the people love what they are doing. Every time I dealt with you, it has always been a great experience, besides knowing what you are talking about, you always have a great attitude and are willing to help. RP

Being a novice Saab owner (89 900 Conv) and realizing that it takes a lot of parts to keep these babies on the road..
Your site has been an invaluable source of information, fast delivery on parts and my monthly mantra is "Saabsite". You guys have saved my behind with your help. Thanks LG

Called the tech like asking if I could change a front driver bushing, bought from you, in the driveway. Answer, yes with some particulars like having a place to press the old bushing out & the new one in & a jack to hold up the spring if you remove the wheel. Anyway success, took it one step at a time but successful in about 4-hours. Thanks for the positive encouragement. EDR

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. When I had technical questions, they were answered. And, when I had a concern about my order I was given a clear and prompt response by phone. The alternator arrived in only 24 hours! As a fairly new (6 years) SAAB enthusiast I am very happy I found your site. DR

Just wanted to say thanks for getting my order out on time and caring the parts I needed. I'll plan to buy from your company again in the near future. G

I am very happy with how quickly you shipped my OEM parts to me. NICE. MB

Thanks, you have always done a great job of sending me the correct parts. Thanks again, M

Hey there - thanks for this part, it came fast, was what you said it would be, went in just as you illustrated on your site, and fixed my problem quick. Cool. N G

Another order fulfilled perfect! I really admire the fact you offer the odd and inexpensive parts we all need as well the normal wear parts. Your shipping is fast and gets to me before expected! Thanks MB

I went to a Saab dealer for a recall on my 95 900SE. That done I asked them to check a rattle? They did show me a broken spring. Along with new tires, brakes, etc; they gave me a quote of $2800.00+. I went to your site. With the parts plus some extras I got my outlay to you was $200.00+. Doing the brakes myself. My mechanic did the springs and inserts, etc; Total outlay about $550.00. I called you on a Tuesday at about 5:00 p.m. The parts were here by three the next day. The dealer said he needed a week to get the springs! Well done! I am a believer. Thank-you. As a school teacher with two in college, unexpected major dental bills, you are saints. GC

I was skeptical to order parts online, then I found your website. I read the comments from other people and was still a little concerned to order. I talked with the people at The Saab site and they were very professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and quick. I received my parts the next day, packaged very well. These previously mentioned items would be enough for me to keep coming back, but The Saab site saved me over 68% from what the Saab mechanics were going to charge me. I just want to say thanks for turning what started as a horrible day, when I found out the cost of the item, into a great day when I found your Website. E

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your service. It was the right part on the first try. Thank you for packing the taillight so well. I will definitely keep your web address in my personal directory. MG

Thank you for the prompt shipment & excellent service. It is such a pleasure doing business with your company. Keep up the excellent work! VH

I had a defective rebuilt brake caliper and I appreciate that you immediately shipped me a replacement for Saturday delivery. It made the difference to get the job done so we could get to work on Monday. Thanks for your quick service. BS

Thanks, I appreciate the fact that you actually look at my order and know the parts-to-car requirements. Also, I like the fact that HTTP:// has had every part number I've ever entered - from a bolt to a cylinder head. And, lastly, the information on the site "priceless". Thanks, again. B

Dear SAAB team, thanks for the quick order fulfillment. The antenna came this afternoon. Just got done installing it. Works great. Thanks again. T

Good Day: This is Fred Reed. I just purchased a fuel pump from you for my '89 Saab 9kt. First thing I observed was that you got my order correct and that it arrived when you said that it would. I was really shocked by this. I carefully installed it on Wednesday night and unbeknownst to my wife, we took a test drive the same night on an almost empty gas tank. Thank you. I drove to work this morning and pushed the throttle to 95MPH (don't try this at home). The response was great! Thank you for helping save big bucks and get this job done. We can now go on a planned trip with more confidence than before. I will pass the word to anyone who will listen. F

I called with a question that wasn't addressed on your website. I got the most courteous gentleman that took the time to answer my question and offered other advice. I thank the LORD that HE led me to this very informative website and I do believe, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". SH

Saab 95 Blend door repair: Success!! I am thrilled and so is my boyfriend. The break was on the left side shaft (I did have a fault code 8) and the white plastic lever was also snapped; the vital info was included on the instructions that came with the repair part, namely that codes 6, 7, and 8 are associated with the left side of the heater box. The ACC fault codes I found published on the internet did not make a distinction for code 8, it could be either left or right side malfunction. Installation took us a bit longer (couple of hours) because there were jammed flaps (I also had a code 13) that had to be freed before we could get the repair part to properly seat on the remainder of the yellow broken shaft part. Most of all, just an awkward small space to work in with one's hands and well, having your head under the dash and steering column is never a comfortable situation. When we were done, a calibration on the system gave "0"! My boyfriend has the patience of a saint! I took him to Outback Steakhouse for a good steak to say 'thank you'. Thank you for making this repair kit available and helping this Saab owner save a great deal of expense. My sister's private Saab mechanic in Massachusetts had heard of "an effective repair kit" being out there but did not know anyone who had installed it; I told him that I was about to buy it. He said he was eager to hear how I made out. I will happily endorse the kit to him. Let me know if you'd like another testimonial for the kit on your site - I'd be glad to add my name to the list of happy fix-it-yourselfers. SP

Once again I am impressed with your service. You have always been swift with delivery and excellent at accuracy. Customer service is beyond reproach and you do so well with catching errors I have made in ordering. Thank you. Keep up the dynamic work! We will always come to you for Saab parts and with our questions. I can't say enough positive things about you and your service. Your extremely satisfied Saab Store Customer! VH

I want you to know the valve you advised me about is working and I can again use my air conditioner here in the 90+ degree heat without fear of engine overheating. The Oxygen sensors await their turn. Thank you again. Should you ever need customer endorsements, count on me to provide you with a glowing one. Regards, Ed

I have a question to ask, but first I would like to say "Thank you" for your wonderful website and wonderful service. I recently ordered parts that arrived much quicker than expected and arrived in excellent condition and quality. The instructions & diagrams that you have on the website have made it much easier for me to handle routine maintenance myself and avoid the ghastly labor charges of my local dealer. I have recommended your site to several friends that own Saabs here in Des Moines.

I have been having problems with my 9-5 stalling and have had it at two repair shops, plus the Saab dealer twice. All places replaced starter parts and told me it was fixed. Each time I got my car back, it stalled again. Now I'm researching the problem myself because it's become a hassle - how happy I was to find detailed information on your site related specifically to my Stalling problem!!! Thank you! Next time I have a problem, I'm checking your site first!

Put my motor mounts in today 1994 900s, vibration at idle in drive what a difference. I think I will keep the car now- wife loves it again- thanks so much for your site, excellent service and prices did it myself in about in hour saved hundreds over having a shop do it. Thanks again Mark

Hi! Your service is outstanding!! I got the part Monday and just ordered it 2 days ago!! Thanks!! SR

Thanks for the review of the compression figures. Your site is awesome! I have read many of the FAQ's and sincerely appreciate the time and effort that has gone into them. The expertise and fair prices of your site are one of the reasons I have been able to realize my dream of owning a SAAB. This experience has convinced me of the importance of the humble thermostat and I will now begin a program of changing them in everything I own.

The right parts got here fast. How could I be anything but pleased? JR

Using your site, I ordered from you and installed a new heater control shaft on my 2000 93. It works! Thanks for the great service and guidance. BR

You guys are awesome. That web site is so wonderful and helpful. It is so refreshing to see a company that knows what customer service is. I will never go anywhere else in regards to my Saab. Thanks again. LD

Hello Saabsite/Protech/Tony Everything has arrived, from as close as the Hyannis, and as far as CA. You guys are great at seeking out parts, where ever they may be. thanks! BM

YOU ARE THE MAN! The 9-5 V6 Basic Engine part number you gave me is the book I've been trying to get for several months now. Consider yourself way more knowledgeable and helpful than Saab's Customer Assistance Center will ever be... Thanks Again, Kirk

Hello Tony-Thanks for all your help in shipping the new part! I got the corner lamp installed, with your advice to call TW & he even called me the same day! I will be a loyal customer & ordering an alternator last question. SR

You guys are fantastic! I have been trying to fix a problem that has been boggling me and my Saab for while. HTTP:// made it simple and easy for me to get right to it. Thanks! CA

Dear Protech the-Saab site, First you are the GREATEST. Thanks for everything. Very fast delivery of parts. Your site was very helpful. Would go to you always and would recommend you to everyone. Who ever helped with my order is a godsend. Thank You very much. LTS

Thank you. I appreciate the timely manor in which my order was processed. I will not hesitate to use this site in the future. Again I thank you. JB

Hi, Just wanted to say thanks I had looked every where for the part I needed to get my Saab up and running again, every one told me they couldn't get the part I needed, it sat for 3 months, I found your site and through email you were able to find me a used one here in the states and had it to me with in 4 days, and my Saab is up and going again. I felt the price was reasonable and the customer service was superior!! I will certainly use your site again. Thanks so Much, KS in Nebraska

Holy cow! The only way I could have gotten my part faster was if you sent it before I knew I needed it!!!! Thanks GW

Just wanted to say that your website is invaluable to someone like me who is running two classic 900s. The FAQ pages have just provided the answer to a non starting problem with my 16v. Its great to know that even though these models are no longer made, there is still a wealth of knowledge and expertise available from your company. Keep up the good work! DL

Finally got around to installing the new distributor in my SPG.... well, I had Anders at Swede car install it along with checking some other things. He had to change the Hall connector on the harness but other than that, it fit like a glove. I'm happy to say that my car runs like it did when I bought it new in 1986. Thanks for all your help in finding the right parts over the past half year to get my SPG back to being the great car it is. JD

I ran across you guys the other day and called when you were having server problems. TW was helpful and I later went back to your site and made a purchase. I later returned TW's call that evening and he said he saw my order come across and they were getting it out right that moment. Boy, did he mean it. It arrived on my doorstep the following day. Pipe fit right in without any problems. Thanks a lot for the great service and high quality item. Great word of mouth advertising coming to you from me. DH

I just received the part I ordered from you guys. Your site is great and a huge asset for any Saab owner. Thanks! E

I just wanted to thank you. I have a 2000 Saab 9-3 and have been struggling with poor maintenance and/or high prices in the area. I found your site while looking for instructions to repair my rear brakes. The instructions helped TREMENDOUSLY. I have since found other items on the site that I can use and also instructions for installation. I still can not find a proper 9-3 service manual so I am very thankful for the FAQ's available here! You have helped me to make my car happy again, if I knew any other Saab owners, I would tell them in a heartbeat about your site! MP

I must say this is the best Saabsite I have located for parts. The questions are answered immediately. The parts are received quickly and the faqs are very informative. The customer service & support fantastic. You all are great! MC

Hi Tony, Great service. I have started buying all of my parts through The Saab Site. Thanks. PT

I have placed multiple orders with you and received tons of tech help from your website. Thus far I am extremely pleased that you are there. Thank you for all of your help. MN

I just found your website. I really have to say that it is excellent. We have 9.5 that just had a major engine catastrophe. There was some kind of a timing malfunction that caused the pistons and valves on at least the front cylinder bank to collide. Timing belt and idler pulleys were replaced about 10,000 miles ago. Dealer claims belt didn't break and timing marks mysteriously still on the money. I was ticked off and frustrated with the car since it has just over 100,000 miles on it. I enjoyed your Faqs especially. Instead of dumping this car I think that I will give it another chance. Your info makes it seem worth the attempt and your parts prices seem reasonable. Anyway you will be hearing from me concerning ordering parts. Thank you CC

I have been very impressed with your service! Someone answers the phone when I call to place an order and messages are returned promptly. Order tracking information is a real plus and the parts have arrived when promised. GREAT SERVICE so far! JB

You're site makes ordering parts very easy with the categories and photos with numbering. You also have great prices. SZ

Thanks for sending that out to me again, I appreciate it as I do the level of service and promptness of response that I've received from you or your company and, luckily for me, the parts arrived yesterday and I've got the bf putting them on now so I'll be motoring about shortly. Thank you again for your time, attention to and assistance with my request's and parts order. Sincerely, LF

Can you re-check that tracking number, it doesn't seem to be working. And by the way, you are the best customer service rep I've ever dealt with - I don't usually expect responses for at least a day or two at any other site-just fantastic. PB

Hey! I've come to trust you folks enough that when I have need of some parts I look to you first and don't go too far beyond in my search. Thanks, MC

I bought a Saab 9-5, 1999 model I love the car but purchased it at a reduced price due to the broken drivers side heater box door blend door Thanks to you I followed the instructions clearly, and removed the broken little plastic blend door shaft and fabricated the CPVC part as per your instructions. Had to sand down the circumference of the part and sand the opening a bit larger but I got it done. Followed the instructions for a reset, and holy cow it works. It's as good as new.
Love this car and love your site. You have saved me a lot of grief and I appreciate it. I will recommend your site to other Saab enthusiasts. If anyone out there needs help with this repair feel free to contact me for the right tools you will need to get into those tight spots. It cost me less than ten bucks to fix but I put out my back from leaning! on the door jamb so the chiropractic bill was about a hundred bucks. regards, GC

Thanks TW- You have been a great help. The tech pages are very useful as the service manuals don't go into as much detail. Just replaced a heater valve thanks to your info. Bob

Thank you. I must say that since I have dealt with your company, I have been very pleased, and will continue to use your website, and will definitely recommend you to others if they haven't already found you. thanks again. AC

I just had the direct ignition changed out on my 99 9-3. I was first quoted $100-$200 more than your price. I told him about it and he gladly order the parts from you. I think that he and I will be using you more often. Thanks for your quality parts and great prices. RJ

I have a 93 (2001, 3 door) and I have had a problem with the display on the SID unit for sometime. I followed your advice under FAQs and attempted to repair the unit. The instructions were concise and easy to follow, and the net result is a fully functioning, near perfect SID unit! A superb site. Many thanks. Mark Briscoe, Shrewsbury, UK MB

I can tell you right away, I have always been happy with your service. I can normally order the right parts on my own since your website is organized very well, and there are descriptions that help me insure I have the right parts. Better than other auto parts sites. Also, the few times I needed technical advice, you were very helpful and friendly. Keep it up. EM

Thanks for all the help. This website has saved me time and a lot money that would have gone to the over-priced dealer repair shop. One technical item I came across. I have a 1999 9-3. The temperature gauge went completely dead one day in the summer. At the same time my A/C would not cool down. The fan worked, but no cool air was coming out. I had a local repair shop do a diagnostic on it and they found nothing. The thermostat and the entire cooling system was fine. So after some time, I bought a replacement engine coolant temperature gauge and installed it myself. After installation my temperature dash gauge worked and my A/C also worked. I think that the car thought that the engine was very cold and hence did not allow the A/C to turn on. I know every car is different, but no one I talked had ever heard anything like that. Again thanks for all the help. PT

I can Breath easier after finding your site as a great resource for Saab parts. TS

I've loved your site for years! I've had several 900T's and then a 9000CDE, and now have a 2000 9-5 Aero Wagon that is a wonderful car. I've searched your site and have not found any FAQ info on the heater control valve, which I think the problem I'm experiencing. I've got a 2.3 motor. There is antifreeze leaking from the back of the engine by the firewall. Just had the A/C lines fixed. Do you have any diagrams, diagnostic suggestions, etc. Anything to bail me out? Thanks for all the great info on your site. You guys have saved me a ton of time over the years! Keep up the great work. I admire your website and I have been reading through your FAQ's. This is quite an excellent site, it has enhanced my appreciation for SAAB. JE

Appreciate the prompt service! The SAAB SITE is a great website which I have used in the past and will continue to use in the future. TW

Specifically - Saab NG900 94-98 Old Style Shifter Linkage. A rebuild of the gearshift linkage on the 1996 Saab 900... My son drives a 94 Saab 900s. It would not go into reverse anymore. We tried adjusting the linkage but that did not help. So based on your website, we decided to rebuild the gearshift linkage assembly. Everything went as described - excellent resource. ST

Hi guys, I recently purchased pads, rotors, antenna mast, cabin fan motor and heater core kit from you. You guys are the best! Great prices, fast shipping and a great command of your art! Keep cranking, and thanks again! RK

How do I separate the radiator from the ac condenser in the car? thank you. You guys are seriously the best thing to ever happen to Saab. you make being a Saab owner so much more enjoyable. thanks for all your excellent service.

You guys are the best, every time I meet a Saab owner over here I let them know about www. SH

I would just like to put down in words my extensive admiration and thanks for a very professional and courteous operation! The saabsite has the best price for nearly any Classic SAAB 900 part ever! In addition, Tony and Tim were very responsive, respectful and helpful with my recently completed Successful engine rebuild. Some custom work was done, and was able to fill all of my requests! Thanks AGAIN GUYS! And thanks for the great Deals! -Rob from phoenix

I am TOTALLY amazed with your service!!! I placed an order with you for a set of brake rotors for my '74 Sonett early Monday morning via the internet and the rotors arrived the NEXT DAY at my door in VERMONT! And this was normal UPS ground service. Let me tell you, I order stuff all the time and I've NEVER had it come in such a short time. And I love your prices! E in Vermont

Used Parts Division: Outstanding Support!! Received my set of visors last week and they fit perfectly, not to mention it saved me about $400 from trying to get them here in Australia. I will pass the word on about your site. Cheers, LTC JGC, Australia

First of all I think it is a great service you guys offer for us Saab owners, I appreciate it. I feel much more comfortable owning a Saab now that I know about this. EM

Wow. 4 cooling system hoses plus 2 day shipping and still $20 less than only 2 cooling system hoses from the dealer. I was telling my brother that he would have to sell his Saab were it not for this site. Thanks. PMC friend...thank-you for your sound advice. this is an awesome place to find accurate answers to perplexing questions. I am now a "loyal listener" ! I have owned my Saab for most of its natural 265,000 mile life. We have become good friends... it is an an awesome car... and has never let me down. That being said, as time passes and sound advice becomes more important; I too.. am moving towards the 2000000 mile mark with my old friend...a web site such as yours is greatly valued by me. Thank you. TD

Thank you very much for the prompt service! I will definitely order from you again. EC

I placed my first order yesterday afternoon at 3:00 or so. To my great surprise, I got a knock at the door this morning, with the delivery of my order less than 24 hours after I placed. Amazing service, to say the least. Thank you! SH

I have just placed my third order from this website. Each time I order I always have this feeling of "old car, old parts, not a great chance they are going to send the right stuff." I'm always proven wrong and the parts are usually at my door within 2 days and are always a perfect fit, thanks! BW

I am TOTALLY amazed with your service!!! I placed an order with you for a set of brake rotors for my '74 Sonett early Monday morning via the internet and the rotors arrived the NEXT DAY at my door in VERMONT! And this was normal UPS ground service. Let me tell you, I order stuff all the time and I've NEVER had it come in such a short time. And I love your prices! Eric in Vermont

Hi TW--- I just returned home after being away from the house and was happy to find the rim at the front door. Just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting the rim delivered. I will order from you guys again, you can be sure. Joe


Hello again, I have been impressed with the overall service from Everything from the information online, to the customer service, and even the shipping has been so far a pleasant experience. Shipping to Anchorage, AK is usually a big deal, but the order arrive with absolutely no hassle. so I definitely appreciated that aspect. Thanks for your patience, over the phone and by email. that worked quite well.LH

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I've ordered the part. have learned a great deal from the technical information on your site and will continue to order all the parts I need from! Thanks for helping to keep my old Saab on the road. SB

Amazing! I just ordered my fog light lenses and bulbs yesterday (Order 9197033) and they arrived this morning! You guys can't be beat! BHL

This is the second time I've used your site and am very pleased with your service. Thanks, Lenny

My order was placed Friday around 4PM CDT. Arrived Monday with our regular UPS shipment! Outstanding! TW, you are a priceless wealth of knowledge, thanks so much for sharing. Lee

Hi, Received my order today and just wanted to say THANK YOU! what an awesome dealer alternative...and more friendly too! Thanks again, W

I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my AC. I just installed the part that you sent me and it is running like new. Not only did you save me countless man hours and labor charges. I also saved on the dealer part. Once again thanks....... PR

Hi Everyone at! I just wanted thank you guys so much for your FAQ pages! My 1999 Saab 9-3's driver side windshield wiper stopped working in the middle of the most horrific storm. (Really the closest thing to a tornado Chicago has probably seen) I called my dealership and they told me it was going to be $300.00 just for the windshield wiper motor not to mention the cost of labor to fix it. I read your FAQ, got up Saturday morning, followed your instructions and fixed it within 10 minutes!!!! It didn't cost me a dime! Thank you so very much! C

My order started off nice then ended up with missing parts, wrong parts, and extra weird parts. But your quick response to my inquiry and taking care of the problem shows true customer support. Nice to see it still exists out there. Thanks for all the help. I eagerly await the parts.

I just want to say to you guys and gals at thesaabsite and big thanks for all your help and dedication to the Saab community. I know without you guys, I would have given up on Saabs years ago. From your awesome line of of products and excellent help from the FAQ's section. Unfortunately, I live in a neck of the woods where I only have 1 Saab dealer (or anybody that is willing to work on Saabs at that) in a 80 mile radius. and every time I have sent work to be done at their place, the problem only seemed to get worse when getting it back from the place. So I decided to start doing my own work on the Saabs 2 years ago, with the great help from your site for parts and information. And have been extremely happy since. So again, I just want to say thank you for all of your excellent help. Thank you very much for you time and help, CN

As the owner of a 1994 Saab 900S V6 who has had nothing but expensive repairs for since the warranty expired, I want to thank that Saab Site for the blogs and tech help. I am an officer in the US navy and move every two to three years and need the assistance while I do the search for a mechanic that I can trust in every new place. Thanks for your help and thanks to all of your members who lend sage advice as well. Eddie, Chicago, IL

Just want to let you know...I had a DIC on my Saab 95 go bad suddenly and found the best price (by far) on your site. I ordered it using the 2 day shipping option thinking chances were slim that it would really arrive that quickly. At 7:30PM, UPS showed up with the package! Great service, great prices. Now my only question - since the misfires from the bad DIC toasted the CAT converter - is that why you don't stock those replacements. Thanks so much, you saved my week, not to mention my bank account. Thanks! You have the best service of any Saab site on the web that I've interacted with. Thanks for the great information, intelligent phone service, and quick response and shipping. LR

Needed new antenna mast for '96. Dealer wanted $86 ! But when I got there they told me it was only available in silver metal and the original anodized black for my car was no longer available. So I ordered the $23 AFT mast from your site and took advantage of the entry box on your order page to enter my year and make to avoid any mistakes. Even though your site showed a picture of a silver replacement mast I opened the box and found a healthy looking BLACK replacement mast ! Cool. I am a picky SOB and even though your site warned that the AFT mast had a different shaped tip etc. I found the part to be exceptional. The difference in tip is not noticeable and when this great looking mast retracts the tip sits nice, snug, and flush where it should like the original. Man I couldn't be happier. Thank you! P

Thank you and The Saab Site for the parts [Heater Core/required kit and blower fan - 95 9000 Areo]. And thanks for your sites recommendation on the blower fan!. When I got the heater core apart it was leaking as expected, but when, by your suggestion I took the plastic fan casing apart [easy job], the still working blower fan was a (well used electrical)- mess. I put it back shiny and new! USPS and Canada post made tracking very easy and calmed my apprehension as to - 'where is my part'. I just wanted to thank you for your tech support. It would not have been possible to replace my heater core and fan motor without the detailed instructions on your web site and the tech help over the phone. Thanks again! KR

Having recently replaced the heater valve and complete dashboard on my 86 SAAB 900, I found the heater switch and vent selector out of action. Fortunately your site identified the correct order of the wires on the selector valve and the need to ensure all vacuum hoses were intact! I'm now back in action and again a happy SAAB driver. Thanks for your great site. DA

WOW! The Speedo cable I ordered on Wednesday (order #9208862) arrived the next day...and almost in less than 24 hours! THAT'S service! It warms my heart that some people still care about customer service. Please keep it up. David


Between and I now have a greater understanding of my first European auto and all that goes into it. Thanks loads! I'll be sure to order all my parts through you guys.

Thank you for providing all of the information you provide. It's strange these days to get something for free. You've saved me time, effort, stress, and money. Best of all, I was able to do a head gasket replacement with no prior experience. Thanks to you I've learned a lot, and now have the proper footing to learn more about auto repair. I'll make sure to bring you any business I can as a sign of my appreciation. Thanks again, it's partly because of you that I now have such a love for classic Saabs.

I'm always pleased you have what I'm looking for, the tutorials and other info are helpful, and I always get my parts next day! SB

Dealing with going back at least 5yrs has been outstanding. Superior pricing and service always. Arguably the most helpful and comprehensive faqs section in the online automotive world. Thank you ProTech!

Dear Saab Site, Just a quick note of appreciation: I have gone to numerous sources over the years for my Saab needs (between my Wife and I we have owned a variety of Saabs) and you guys are the best I have ever found! The only thing better than your website is your tech support. Sandy Bullins is the Man! Thanks for all the help. LH

TW the parts arrived today four days from the USA to the UK fantastic service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for your total professional service, I have search the world for the parts including Sweden and the Saab owners club UK with no luck. You guys are the best. yours sincerely MR

I just wanted to say thank you. And what a great website with excellent tech tips/how-to's. You saved me mucho $$ with the common failure tech tips--ie cruise micro switches and antenna mast. My only suggestion would be to add performance parts. Oh ya, you're shipping is lightning fast! Your company represents what service in America should be. And one of the very few. Thanks again. Mike 95 900 SE Turbo (I love this car)

Saab VIN Plate
Spring, front
Spring, rear
Anti-roll bar, front
Anti-roll bar, rear
Spring strut/insert, front
Shock absorber, rear
Brake disc, front.
Brake disc, rear
Brake Housing, Front
Brake Housing, Rear