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Saab Frequently Asked Questions

Fog Light & Bulb Replacement w/pics

1. If both fog lights are burned out, be sure to check the fog light fuse in the main fuse box located under the hood on the drivers side before replacing the fog lights. It is possible that both bulbs will burn out at the same time.

2. Prior to replacing the fog light assembly or the fog light bulb one must remove the plastic covers underneath the front bumper and also the lower plastic front bumper cover. To remove the covers, you will need an 8mm Rachet, a 7mm Rachet, a 10mm Rachet and a Torx screw driver.

3. The lower front bumper cover does not need to be completely removed. Only the Torx screw and the 8mm bolt in the center of the lower front bumper cover need to be removed. A locking plastic fastener is located between the center of the bumper and the fog light. This fastener snaps into
place when installing the front bumper cover. When removing the cover it must be worked out manually.

4. The fog light is mounted by three 8mm bolts. Two of these bolts are visible when the front bumper cover is installed, the other bolt (at the bottom of the Foglight assembly) is hidden by the front bumper cover. Once the bolts are removed the fog light can be removed though the
bottom. There is no need to remove the cable that connects the fog light assembly unless you are replacing the entire fixture.

5. A Phillips screw holds the access cover in place to the fog light bulb. The light bulb itself has one connector cable (about 7 cm long). The other contact is made on the back of the bulb
with two wires which must be pushed down gently to release the bulb.

6. Remember to wear cloth gloves when handling halogen bulbs since oils from your skin can damage the bulbs. Also wear safety glasses since the bulbs are pressurized. It's probably just as easy to replace
the bulbs for both fog lights at the same time.

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