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Saab Frequently Asked Questions

Alarm Twice Unit Replacement

About the Twice Units: Alarm Twice unit transponder chips have been matched to the car and the chips tell the module to start the car and allow new chips or keys to be programmed. The car is also looking for a sync. code as well so it knows the "start code" is coming from the correct twice module. Having an un-synchronized twice unit with a matched chip is like having an PIN number and an account number. The Pin number is correct for the account but it is for the wrong account so they must be programmed to match.

Solution 1: Buy a New or Rebuilt Module: Either way both new or rebuilt (much cheaper) units have to be programmed by a shop using that tech 2 to match with the car.

Solution 2: You send us your Original Module once it is locked out. We can redo it and send it back to you )shipped express). If this is done then you will not need to take it to Saab and have it programmed.

  •  STEP 1 Using a Torx T-40 bit in a ratchet (I find a 2 inch extension helps), remove the 4 seat bolts holding the seat to the floor. Note: the bolts are tight and have thread-lock on them to prevent them from coming loose
  •  STEP 2 Unplug the seat memory module / side airbag wire harness from under the seat, the harness unplugs by pulling out the burgundy color clip on the plug. See pic of harness to see the clip. And unclip the bungee cord attached to the bottom of the seat frame.
  •  STEP 3 Move the driver seat back, into the back seat. You can not take the seat out of the car easily because of the seat belt.
  •  STEP 4 Remove the door sill trim, it just lifts out. (I use a screw driver) Pry between the carpet and the trim. Until the pressure clip release. If the clips stay in the floor, just pull them out and slide them back onto the sill trim. Pic 003

  •  STEP 5 Pull back the carpet to expose the floor heater vent.

  •  STEP 6 Remove the plastic rivet holding the vent to the floor by pushing the button in the center of the rivet, in. The rivet can then be lifted out, the center pin can be pushed up (out the top) to reset the rivet for reuse. Next remove the 10mm plastic nut holding the floor vent down. (Using a 10mm deep well socket and ratchet)

  •  STEP 7 Lift the vent up to clear the twice module

  •  STEP 8 Now you can remove 10mm plastic nut(s). 1 nut for 9-3 or 3 nuts for 9-5

  •  STEP 9 Pull the release handle on the wiring harness plug to remove the wiring harness from the module.

  •  STEP 10 Remove the module from the car

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