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Saab Frequently Asked Questions

Neutral Safety Switch Replacement

Removing the Nuetral Safety Switch

Put in the shifter in Park and Remove the Battery
Remove the dipstick
Remove the servo pump pipe mounting bracket below the battery to get to the gear selector position sensor.
Remove the lever
Remove the gear selector position sensor bolt & nut
Unplug the electrical connector and Remove the sensor off the shaft.

Installing the Nuetral Safety Switch

Plug in the connector and mount the sensor on the shaft.
Fit the gear selector position sensor's nut & tighten to 6 lb.ft ft of torque
Re-install the lever but do not tighten it and move the selector lever to position Neutral position. Lift off the lever and check the position of the gear selector position sensor (You can do this by checking that the engine starts with the selector lever in positions P and N and that the reversing light comes on only in the reverse position, continue to adjust until you get this correct)
Tighten the bolts to 18.5 lb.ft ft of torque
Clean and lubricate the fluid filler pipe's O-ring with Vaseline and re-install by tightening to 18.5 lb.ft ft of torque
Install the pump pipe's mounting bracket & put the battery back in

Pricing for 900 (1994-1998) Transmission (Neutral Safety Switch)
Pricing for 93 (1999-2003) Transmission (Neutral Safety Switch)

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