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Saab Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Ignition Cassette Spark Plug notes

Spark plug burn-off is automatically done with a shower of sparks each time the engine is switched off. It is carried out in all cylinders simultaneously and lasts for 5 seconds at a rate of 210 sparks per second and IT CAN BE FATAL!!!!! EXTREME CAUTION!!!!!

When replacing the spark plugs it's important to do the following:

  •  STEP 1 Let the module power down for 30 seconds then remove the electrical plug
  •  STEP 2 Use resistor type NGK spark plugs. All Saabs equipped with DI cassettes have been specified with resistor type NGK plugs
  •  STEP 3 Verify the correct gap at the electrode (1.0mm -1.1mm)
  •  STEP 4 Oil leaks from coil assemblies mean that you should replace the cassette
  •  STEP 5 Coat the rubber boots on the cassette with Saab part number 3019312 or a name brand dielectric grease.
  •  STEP 6 Check to be sure that the contact springs can be seen inside the coil towers and replace them if they are damaged or missing Saab part number 9167032
  •  STEP 7 Coat the thread of the spark plugs with Molycote 1000 Saab part number 3020271 or high temperature anti-sieze
  •  STEP 8 Install and torque the Spark plugs to 21 lbf ft
  •  STEP 9 Fit the Cassette to the valve cover and torque to 8.1 lbf ft
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