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Saab Frequently Asked Questions

Fuel Gauge Does Not Read Correctly

Fuel gauge problems can be attributed to a couple of common issues. The first thing to check is to hook up the Saab tech 2 tool and check to see if the gauge is accurate according to the actual amount of fuel in the car. You can adjust the fuel level calculations to offset any discrepancies using the factory tool. If the gauge seems to bounce around or just does not read correctly after you fill up the tank then you many have a worn out electrical contact between the arm on the level transmitter to the pump housing. On all Saabs above 1990 (depending on the car) the fuel level transmitter arm is built into the pump assembly and cannot be purchased separately.

NOTE: On cars prior to 1990 the fuel level transmitter was a separate device and can be purchased to repair faulty gauge readings. The transmitter is located in the trunk on the right side under the carpeted wooden fuel pump cover.

NOTE: On the 95 cars the fuel gauge can act odd at times due to the baffle that was fitted in the fuel tank after 2003 to prevent fuel from sloshing around.

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