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Saab Frequently Asked Questions

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement (4 Cyl)

The removal of the Valve Cover Gasket on any Saab with a Direct Ignition Cassette is quite easy. As you can see in the photo the arrows point to where "Most" of the bolts are.

Remove the Red DI Cassette by removing the 4 screws in the middle of it.
Remove all bolts in the valve cover both on the inside of the cover and around the outer rim of the valve cover
Remove the valve cover,
Flip the valve cover upside down,
Clean the valve cover and reinstall the new valve cover gasket, the tabs on the gasket should hold it in place
Be careful when turning the valve cover back over so that the gasket does not get pinched during the reinstall
Tighten the valve cover bolts to app. 11 ft lbs of torque
Re-install the DI cassette and you done!

Pricing for 900 (1986-1994) Engine (Engine Gaskets)
Pricing for 9000 (1985-1998) Engine (Engine Gaskets)
Pricing for 900 (1994-1998) Engine (Valve Cover)
Pricing for 93 (1999-2003) Engine (Valve Cover)
Pricing for 93 (2003-2011) Engine (Valve Cover)
Pricing for 95 (1999-2009) Engine (Valve Cover)
Pricing for 9000 (1985-1998) Ignition System (Spark Plugs)
Pricing for 93 (2003-2011) Ignition System (Ignition Coil)

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