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SID Unit "Time For Service Light On"

The "Time for Service" message is tripped by the Speedo unit. The message will pop on the screen when you are 600 miles from the next allotted service. On 95 cars and on the light will also be triggered 1 year after the previous time the light was set. To clear the light simply hold the clear button on the SID unit for 8 seconds and the light will disappear. Enlarge photo below for more info:

A "Special Thanks" to Wim for the contribution of the info below:

Note that in some cases the "Time for Service" won't disappear by pushing the "clear" function on the SID. This happens if the SID-unit in your Saab is of a year of production that is much earlier than the year in which the car was produced. The SID-unit will display the message "Time for Service" everytime you start the engine. In the case of a wrong SID-unit the message "Time for
Service" can NOT be removed by using the "clear" function on the SID-unit.

Thanks to Ryan Fullmer for contributing to this FAQ!

I have a 2000 9-5 Aero, which as indicated previously by Wim, will not clear out the Time For Service message, just by pressing the CLEAR button for 8 seconds. I discovered that on older 9-5 and 9-3 SID's, that you must press CLEAR once & release, then press CLEAR a second time, and hold for 8 seconds. While holding down CLEAR for this second time period, at the 4 second mark "CLEARED" will be displayed, and you will hear 1 beep. If you release the CLEAR button at this point, the DTE and MPG will be cleared out. If you continue holding the CLEAR button past the 4 and 8 second marks, you will hear a 2nd beep, and "SERVICE" will be displayed. This now means that you have cleared and reset the Time For Service message.

Thanks to Jerry for contributing to this FAQ!

2002 9-5 Aero.... clear.. release.. clear 8 seconds... works like a charm!

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