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Saab Frequently Asked Questions

Saab 93, Saab 95 & NG 900 Sid Unit Repair!

  •  STEP 1 You will need some medium density foam this is to increase the pressure on the joint between the flexible to main PCB joint. It will also be necessary to put foam on the opposite side of the main PCB to keep the mainboard flat when the unit is put back together. I found it took a few hours for all my display to come back but my display was in very poor state. On the photos the foam I have used is grey and was sticky on one side this makes it easier to reassemble.
  •  STEP 2 The Unit
  •  STEP 3 Remove the 4 fixing screws from the base of the unit
  •  STEP 4 Use a small electrical screw driver to release the 4 plastic tabs, one on each corner and slide the black plastic back off the unit.
  •  STEP 5 Unscrew the display section of the unit, being careful not to damage the white flexible PCB between the display unit and the main PCB. NOTE: The top display unit is plugged in the main board, so you have to lift the display of the board without bending it.
  •  STEP 6 Place foam over flexible PCB and screw display section back on top. This will increase the pressure on the joint between the display PCB and the main PCB.
  •  STEP 7 Slide the black plastic onto the unit, being careful to get the main PCB board in its runners you will find that you have to put a piece of foam on the top side of the PCB board to keep it flat. You will also find that you have to use a screwdriver to push the foam under the edge of the back whilst putting the unit back together.
  •  All the info contained here is for you to experiment with. Should work, did for us. All skill levels determine outcome. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK

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Saab VIN Plate
Spring, front
Spring, rear
Anti-roll bar, front
Anti-roll bar, rear
Spring strut/insert, front
Shock absorber, rear
Brake disc, front.
Brake disc, rear
Brake Housing, Front
Brake Housing, Rear