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Saab 900 (1994-98) Frequently Asked Questions 1994 - 1998

Strut Replacement Instructions

To Remove:
Loosen the strut nut with car on ground & raise the car
Remove the front wheel nut and release the wheel sensor from clip
Press the Brake Piston back with a pair of pliers
Remove the caliper from the steering swivel member and suspend it from the wheel housing with a wire or tie
Remove the brake disc and the cover plate & Loosen the tie-rod end nut slightly
Press out the tie-rod end bolt with Puller 8996696 or a similar tool
Undo the nut and remove the tie-rod end
Remove the nut holding the sway bar to the control arm
Remove the nut on the outer ball joint & press the joint out of the steering swivel member & remove the nut (replace with new)
Remove the cover & Remove the three nuts from the upper strut mount
Remove the strut assembly
Put the strut in a vice & Compress the spring with a spring compressor and holder
Grab the piston rod using a 9 mm long hexagon socket and remove the nut & replace with new during re-assembly
Remove the bearing and upper spring seat
Remove the spring, rubber gaiter, compression stop & damper
Remove the damper out of the strut housing & check the housing for bushing damage
To Re-install
Bolt on the damper using & tighten to a Tightening torque of 159 lbs. ft
Put the coil spring in place keeping its lower end against the stop in the bottom spring housing
Fit the upper spring seat & Grip the piston rod using a 9 mm, long socket & remove the nut & Remove the spring compressor
Position the strut on the car, tighten the three retaining nuts on the top mounting and fit the cover Torque bolts to 13 lbs. ft
Tighten the ball joint nut to 55 lb ft
Tighten the nut securing the sway-bar to the link arm to 7 lb ft & re-install the back plate and brake rotor
Make sure the brake piston is pressed back into the cylinder & re-install the brake caliper to the strut housing
Install the tie-rod end and tighten it to 44 lb ft then re-install the wheel sensor
Fit new hub centre-nut and tighten to 81 lb ft then lower the car and tighten hub nut to 125 lb ft plus 45 Degrees
Tighten the upper mounting nut to 55 lb ft
IMPORTANT: Depress the brake pedal to press out the pistons in the brake calipers & align front end

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Saab VIN Plate
Spring, front
Spring, rear
Anti-roll bar, front
Anti-roll bar, rear
Spring strut/insert, front
Shock absorber, rear
Brake disc, front.
Brake disc, rear
Brake Housing, Front
Brake Housing, Rear