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Saab 9-5 (9600) Frequently Asked Questions 1999 - 2009

Central Lock remote inop

Question: I have just bought a Saab 9-5 3.0 V6 and the remote central locking does not work. The ignition works fine, I have changed the key fob batteries but NADA. I checked the dasboard fuses and they are all OK anyone got any ideas?? :lol:

Answer: Do you hear any noises when trying to operate them? Sounds like the drivers lock module

Answer: No noises what so ever. But the central locking works fine by key, just not by remote.

Answer: I just bought an 01 9-5 Aero and have the same problem, but my locks do make a noise like they are going to lock or unlock.... but they dont. any thoughts? Thanks!

Answer: Hmmm, sounds like the module not communicating with the Remote fob. Could be the fob

Answer: Thanks! I have a spare fob, but I think that battery is dead. I will put in a new battery and see what happens.

Answer: My remote key is recognised by the SID unit both on the start up check and when you depress the boot unlock button when turning the key to start it states 2 remotes keys and 2 transponder remotes active for the car. Strange the key centrally locks and unlocks the car and start the car with no problem but no response of any type, mechanical nor electronics sounds no remote unlocking, I tried repacing the remote receiver unit located in the rear of the centre unit but that made no difference either. Please any ideas.

Answer: Any solution to this ever? I am having a very similar problem except for my hazard lights keep flashing as well along with the central locking not working. I concluded that it is probably the DICE unit after I pulled fuse 16 for DICE and the hazards stopped flashing.

Any specific diagnostics and fixes however?

Answer: I booked my SAAB in for an Interim service at my Local main dealer Turners Hill Garage and asked them to have a look. It turns out that both keys had had the batteries replaced and were simply out of sync. They reprogrammed and sychronised the keys and all is now well :lol:

Answer: Thanks for your prompt response!

so your keys were both just "out of sync"?? I lost one key, now only have one programmed key (without fob), and a replacement which is simply a cut key to unlock doors in case I lose original (not programmed).

Did your key still start the engine when having this issue? Mine does. And did you have any issue with hazard lights flashing?

How much did the re-syncing cost you?

Answer: Yes it seems that both batteries had failed I replaced them but since there was no warning from the SID and the car started OK no hazard lights no warnings or alerts at all just would not operate the remote unlocking locking. I tried reprogramming the keys but could not enter programming mode (guess because both keys were out of sync so probably need at least 1 in sync. The interim service was cheap, a come and buy me I guess at £129 inc VAT and they re synced for nothing even valeted the car inside and out. Oil and filters changed and complete check over car with a long list of faults but 99% were minor niggles ie front seat belt starting to fray - 3-4 loose threds!!! Guess they were just trying to source some more work

Answer: Ok well I'll try it out. fingers crossed. thanks!

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