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Saab 9-5 (9600) Frequently Asked Questions 1999 - 2009

Alternator Replacement

Removal From the Bottom:

Step 1 Place fender covers or a soft towel over the fenders to protect the paint.
Step 2 Remove the battery cover and disconnect the negative cable.
Step 3 Remove the plastic engine cover over the intake manifold.
Step 4 Remove the crankcase ventilation solenoid and constant pressure valves.
Step 5 Remove the drive belt by loosening the tensioner and then remove the tensioner, this will require a special tensioner tool.
Step 6 Remove the upper alternator bolts.
Step 7 Mark and remove the retaining nut on the right hand side engine mount and lubricate so it will have some mobility.
Step 8 Remove the retaining nut on the rear engine mount.
Step 9 Remove the front exhaust pipe.
Step 10 Remove the hose between the oil pan and oil pump.
Step 11 Disconnect terminals B+ and D+ on the alternator.
Step 12 Remove the alternators lower mounting bolt.
Step 13 Face the alternator and belt pulley downwards between the steering gear and the intermediate shaft.
Step 14 Insert a bar carefully between the gearbox and the subframe.
Step 15 Remove and lower the alternator.

Alternator Installation Instructions

Step 16 To make installing the new alternator easier, tap the bushings until they are level with the mounts.
Step 17 Clean the alternator mounts and apply some Vaseline to prevent oxidization.
Step 18 Insert a bar carefully between the gearbox and the sub-frame.
Step 19 Install the alternator and refit the retaining bolts loosely.
Step 20 Clean terminals B+ and D+ and apply Vaseline before connecting them.
Step 21 Install the hose between the oil pan and oil pump.
Step 22 Install the front exhaust pipe.
Step 23 Install the upper alternator bolt.
Step 24 Install the belt tensioner and torque to 33 ft lbs.
Step 25 Install the drive belt, check the position of the belt on all the pulleys and reapply the tension.
Step 26 Install the crankcase ventilation valve.
Step 27 Adjust the right-hand engine mount via the mark that was left. Check that the engine has a neutral position and tighten the retaining nut to the correct torque of 37 ft lbs.
Step 28 Tighten the mounting bolt for the rear engine mount to the torque of 19 ft lbs
Step 29 Install the intake manifold cover.
Step 30 Connect the the negative battery cable and install the battery cover.
Step 31 You will need to reset the clock and radio.
Step 32 Start the engine and let it run at idle for a moment, check the drive belt and alternator. Turn the car of and check the belt one more time.

NOTE: When replacing the alternator you may need a code to activate your radio again if its an aftermarket radio. ( If its not a Saab radio) Make sure you have the code on hand before disconnecting the battery and alternator.

Thanks to Christian for contributing to this FAQ!

Removal from the Top: Step 1 - Just pulled the alternator through the top of the motor! saved a ton of
Step 2 - time not messing with sub-frame and exhaust.
Step 3 - disconnect battery
Step 4 - disconnect both wires to alternator
Step 5 - remove motor mount and bracket (top pass. side)
Step 6 - take off belt
Step 7 - remove tensioner (block) not just pulley with 8mm hex
Step 8 - loosen both alternator bolts(8mmhex)
Step 9 - remove oil sensor on top of intake manifold and the hose the plugs into
Step 10 - metal wrapped around the valve cover
Step 11 - remove alternator bolts and pop alt. off with a pry bar(let it sit there)
Step 12 - now remove the bracket that was around the alternator. 4 13mm bolts *the alternator was dropped to get to the 4th bolt of the bracket*
Step 13 - remove bracket, pulley comes with it.
Step 14 - now you have enough space to pull the alt. up through turn alternators bolt holes toward the firewall
Step 15 - pick alt up by the pulley and pull out 80% of the way(till you hit hoses) roll the alt bottom to top while pulling up and it comes right out.
Step 16 - the trick is to clear enough room to pull it out easily

Pricing for 95 (1999-2009) Engine (Alternator)

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