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Saab 9-3 (9440) Frequently Asked Questions 2003 - 2011

Throttle Body Replacement

Throttle Body Replacement

Step 1 Remove the top engine cover.
Step 2 Take off the turbocharger delivery hose from the throttle body and put it aside.
Step 3 Carefully bend up the bracket catch and remove the EVAP canister purge valve from the bracket.
Step 4 Remove the bracket from the throttle body and carefully put it aside.
Step 5 Unplug the connector from the throttle body.
Step 6 Remove the throttle body.
Step 7 Remove the old seal and clean the sealing surfaces.

Installation of Throttle Body

Step 8 Install the throttle body with a new seal.
Step 9 Plug back the connector on to the throttle body.
Step 10 Install the bracket.
Step 11 Install the EVAP canister purge valve and bend the bracket back into place.
Step 12 Install the turbocharger delivery hose back to the throttle body.

Step 13 Install the Engine Cover

Pricing for 93 (2003-2011) Engine (Throttle Body)

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Saab VIN Plate
Spring, front
Spring, rear
Anti-roll bar, front
Anti-roll bar, rear
Spring strut/insert, front
Shock absorber, rear
Brake disc, front.
Brake disc, rear
Brake Housing, Front
Brake Housing, Rear