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Saab 9-3 (9400) Frequently Asked Questions 1999 - 2003

Clutch or Brake Master Bleeding

Clutch bleeding on SAAB NG 900 1997 (converted to hydraulic operation from cable). Should work for the 93 as well

I first used a vacuum style bleeder attached to the brake reservior as described in the SAAB WIS attached to the bleed nipple and a compressed air source. This sucked the air from the bleeder line to the slave. Bleeding the entire clutch system with this method does not work very well because the fluid reservoir has a small chamber for the clutch (See pic), this chamber does not refill from the main chamber fast enough resulting in air constantly entering the clutch system. To bleed the rest of the system use a "back bleeder". This device is like a syringe, attach the outlet tube to the bleeder and hand pump the fluidfrom its bottle into the clutch system watch the brake reservoir to make sure it does not spill over. The clutch conversion worked very well until the fluid supply hose to the master cylinder came off. I replaced the spring type clamps (pic attached). These were supplied in the SAAB conversion kit! with screw type clamps.

Thanks to Tom Schultz for contributing to this FAQ!

I looked and looked in all the parts stores here and could not find one of your bleeders . I then found this website and had to share it with you and future readers to save time. this guy built a bleeder for under $25.00 from a true value plant sprayer. Here is the link

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