Seeking Sounf Advice...97 Saab 9kCSE Turbo

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Seeking Sounf Advice...97 Saab 9kCSE Turbo

Post by MisterMailMan » Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:30 am

Hi ALL - New to this forum, but not really tot he Saab world. First car ever was a 92 Saab 9k CD....yep a CD...and it was automatic but i loved her!!!

OK well - I need some ideas/help/advice.

Bought a Used/BEAT to (bad word) saab 9k CSE turbo.....looks like ablown Turbo too....well not matter what I towed her home. :-)

Cosmetically the car is WONDERFUl....I am going to rebuild the engine...the basics...seals, timing, etc....(bad word) even the freeze out plugs. But I am hitting a dead end on performance upgrades.

I want to buy an LSD for the manual case, but thats almost 1050usa. Also I found a bigger intake hose which seems recommended.

Now What I want to know is...without going over and keeping my expenses for rebuild and such to about 2k....what can I do. I dont even know what type of turbo is in this car...i read something about half blower and full blower potential turbos based on the ECu and model. also these cars have different types of fuel injectors too...mine in the car are colored Red.

my Plan is to do this:

ECU upgrade
New Intake
a Dual BOV that recirculates and offers the atmospheric release...pretty sweet i think..
redo all timing chains and gaskets and seals....

And that sums it up....

Any ideas!!

I plan to take photos of the engine stripped, maybe even of the trainy when i try to install the LSD unless I take it too a shop and have them do it.

also.. forgot to mention...previous owner had a 3 inch exhaust installed even the CAT is welded....from the looks of it..they did a nice job since the connecter goes right below the turbo then the weld is dont so the original turbo exhasut pipe is welded to the new 3 inch system....hope i didn't lose what Can i do...rebuild the a new turbo..and find a used specific model turbo that would work good witht he upgraded ECu without having to go nuts and upgrrade the fuel system(injectors, rail, pump, head)

Thanks for the insight/help/ideas Everyone!

one last thing...are these transmissions good/strong..or is there a better one to swap in

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