Dealership Service Recommendations / Experience

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Dealership Service Recommendations / Experience

Post by FatherofFive » Thu Jun 10, 2010 3:18 pm

I recently bought an '05 9-3 and have had very different experiences with Dealership Service thus far. Just wanted to give a head's-up to anyone in Central Florida (USA) of my experience with two different Service Departments.

Massey Saab - Orlando, FL - horrible service, suspect competence - they told me that my timing belt needed to be changed at 100k miles, and were unaware that the 4 cylinder has a timing CHAIN. Also told me that I couldn't hook up an iPod to the system (that was untrue as well). They told me that Saab didn't make and AUX cable and that was untrue. They had the car for a whole week just to swap out the ICM and fix a mirror.

Scott Saab of Tampa - Excellent Service, very competent - Mike Hollowell is the service manager there and is a Saab history buff. Not only did Mike educate me on many tips and tricks to getting the most out of my car and keeping it running in top condition. When I first called Mike about the AUX cable, he searched and found that there were none in inventory at the 2 distribution centers in the US. On his own, he checked back at a later date and found that they just got in a shipment of 10 cables and ordered one for me. He then called me to let me know that he had one. $42 for the cable and $82 to install it and do the Tech 2 updates.

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