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Water Pump Replacement Instructions w/Pics

[Saab 900 2.0T, 900 2.3NT, 900 2.5i, 93 2.0T (not sedan), 93 2.3NT, 93 2.3T Viggen]
STEP 1 Release the coolant reservoir cap to relieve pressure & raise the car & drain the coolant
STEP 2 Remove the coolant hose from the turbo & remove the pipe from the turbo
STEP 3 Close the drain plug & lower the car
STEP 4 Remove the hose between the air collector and intake turbo pipe
STEP 5 Cut the cable ties securing the main engine cable
STEP 6 Release pressure on the belt tensioner with a ratchet handle with a drill bit or screwdriver & remove belt
STEP 7 Remove the top engine cover
STEP 8 Remove the crankcase pipe from the turbo inlet & valve cover & move pipe to one side
STEP 9 Unplug the turbo Solenoid & remove the hoses
STEP 10 Remove the engine lifting eye
STEP 11 Remove the turbo bypass valve being careful to keep the turbo intake o'ring
STEP 12 Remove exhaust manifold heat shield & detach the vent hose
STEP 13 Remove the turbo intake pipe and plug it to make sure that nothing gets in either parts
STEP 14 Remove the steering pump bolt on the right side behind the pump pulley
STEP 15 Remove the steering pump bolt & lift up the pump to access the 2 upper bolts on the bracket
STEP 16 Secure the pump once loose with a tie strap
STEP 17 Remove the coolant hoses from the water pump inlet
STEP 18 Remove the two coolant pipes from the block & the ones to the water pump (careful to keep o'ring)
STEP 19 Loosen the water pump slightly and remove the pipe
STEP 20 Remove the water pumps 3 bolts & wiggle the pump away from the block adapter
STEP 21 Inspect the block adapter for corrosion and replace the o'ring.
STEP 22 Replace the water pump and reassemble in reverse order

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