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Heater Box Removal

[Saab 900 2.0T, 900 2.3NT, 900 2.5i, 93 2.0T (not sedan), 93 2.3NT, 93 2.3T Viggen]

1. Remove Heater Box Hoses at firewall and remove the two hoses
2. Remove the coolant from the heater core by pushing air through the tubes of the core
3. Remove the ACC unit by pushing it from rear
4. Remove the glove box
5. Remove the front lower panels on the center console
6. Remove the ignition panel cover and the ashtray
7. Remove the rear air vents and cover
8. Remove the rear console bolts that hold the center console to the floor
9. Remove the air ducts below center console
10. Remove the Window switch pack
11. Remove the console
12. You Should be able to see the heater box housing
13. Remove the heater box clips and remove the pipes to heater core and remove the heater box
14. Refit in reverse

Pricing for 900 94-98 HEATER BOX & RELATED (heating & cooling system)
Pricing for 93 98-03 HEATER BOX & RELATED (heating & cooling system)

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