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Fuel Pump Removal

[Saab 900 2.0T, 900 2.3NT, 900 2.5i, 93 2.0T (not sedan), 93 2.3NT, 93 2.3T Viggen]

Removal Instructions:

STEP 1 Work in a well ventilated order due to fuel fumes & wear gloves due to fuel chemicals
STEP 2 Saab recommends having a fire extinguisher handy as well.
STEP 3 Remove the Fuel Tank and remove the screw top that holds the fuel pump in. There is a special tool from Saab (8394462). Many will use two screwdrivers to unscrew the top counterclockwise.
STEP 4 Once the fuel pump top is removed lift up the pump about 2 inches and then turn the pump about 90 degrees clockwise and pull it the rest of the way out.
STEP 5 Fit a new Oaring and realign the pump with the alignment mark on the pump and the tank. Reinstall Top and torque to app. 55 ft-lb.
STEP 6 Reinstall Tank.

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