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Automatic Transmission Gear Selector Cable Replacement

[Saab 95]
STEP 1 Remove the battery cover and tray
STEP 2 Remove the gear selector arm from the transmission with the transmission in 1st gear
STEP 3 Remove the cable bracket clamp on the transmission
STEP 4 Remove the center console
STEP 5 Remove the circlip and non-rattle clip for the cable
STEP 6 Push the pin out of the end of the cable and ball
STEP 7 Remove the screws that hold the gear selector housing
STEP 8 Remove the plug for the gear selector housing
STEP 9 Remove the selector housing and remove the connectors for it
STEP 10 Remove the vent duct
STEP 11 Remove the clamp that holds the lock catches and remove the cable end from the bracket
STEP 12 Remove the housing being careful not to damage your seat
STEP 13 Refit in reverse

Pricing for GEAR SELECTOR & RELATED AUTOMATIC (transmission automatic & related)

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