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Engine Shuts down Codes P1231, P1251, P1260

[Saab 95]

9-5 Sudden Engine Shutdown - Restart in 10 Min Runs Fine

My 2000 9-5 V6 runs smooth... but recently engine has started to suddenly shut down at very slow speeds and idle. I replaced the ignition cassettes and plugs. Replaced vacuum hoses. Engine will not restart (although it turns over) for about 10 minutes. Then it starts and it runs smooth. Any ideas on how to further diagnose and what to fix?

Additional info. I have changed out the fuel filter as well. It seems to stall only after the engine has initially warmed up. I cleaned the MAS. There is some oil in the throttle body main area.



Installed CPS. RPMs still at 500-600, but no longer have to wait when car stalls...it starts again right away. Interesting - I erased error codes with OBDII scanner. After I erased the codes, the car worked better! RPMs back to 800 and car running very smooth. But, yesterday, RPMs kicked back down to 600 and stalled at stop light. I erased the codes (P1231, P1251 and P1260) and the car works smooth again with RPMs up at 800. Something is kicking RPMs down to 600.

the codes are for the throttle body try to reset first u need to clear the code first then reset the thottle body

Yep...that was it...resetting the throttle....and its been driving great ever since! Thanks. g

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