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Oil Leaks

[Saab 95]

The Saab 95 engines are know for problems with the emission hoses which can lead to engine oil leaks and eventually engine failure due to "oil sludging". Kit 55561200 is the latest updated kit and contains the oil tube, seperator and hoses needed to update your vehicle to prevent these oil leaks.

Saab 95 Oil Leak Update Kit information (PDF)

Thanks to Andy Fish for contributing to this FAQ!

The importance of dealing proactively with this potential problem cannot be overemphasized. Do the PCV mod now! When I discovered the excessive crankcase pressure problem, the excess pressure had blown most of my oil out and I was driving on borrowed time. Chuck Andrews has written excellent analyses of the sludge problem listed below:

Article written by Chuck Andrews about engine Sludge from Nines Magazine

Pricing for 4 CYL CRANKCASE VENTILATION COMPONENTS (emissions & related)

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