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Starter Replacement Instructions V6

[Saab 95]

Removal of V6 Starter

STEP 1 Remove the battery and cover (you will need the radio code after re-installed)
STEP 2 Remove the Air pump check valve
STEP 3 Remove the rear Air injection hose from the exhaust manifold
STEP 4 Remove the starter wiring connector & bracket above the starter
STEP 5 Lift up the car & remove the serpentine belt cover
STEP 6 Remove the alternator power connector
STEP 7 Unplug the Oil pressure sensor wiring
STEP 8 Remove the wiring clip that secures the wiring to the alternator
STEP 9 Remove the starter wiring plug
STEP 10 Remove the lower starter motor bolt & lower the car back down
STEP 11 Slide the wiring away from the starter
STEP 12 Remove top starter bolt & lift out starter between the exhaust manifold & false bulkhead
STEP 13 Refit in reverse

Pricing for STARTERS (starters)

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