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SID Unit "Service The Theft Alarm" Warning

[Saab 95]

The error message "Service Theft Alarm" comes up on the SID (SAAB INFORMATION DISPLAY) can be caused by a couple of issues with the alarm system. The first and most common problem is an issue with the TWICE unit which is the control module for the alarm system. The battery is likely dead in the unit and must be replaced with new one and then reset. In some cases you may have to replace unit altogether. We have also seen numerous issues with the Alarm horn failing as well which can trigger SID unit warnings about the alarm.

Plantoff.com has provided the following EXCELLENT information on how to do this job!
- 17 mm socket: wheel bolts;
- 10 mm socket: alarm module nuts, bumper lip screw;
- 8 mm socket: wheel lining screws;
- Torx T25 socket: wheel lining screws;
- torque wrench;
- car jack and axle stands;
- soldering iron;
- phillips screwdriver.




Module Image

Module taken apart

Module Disassembled

Battery Removal

Battery pictures

Pricing for ALARM COMPONENTS (NOT SPORT SEDAN) (alarm components)

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