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Window Up & Down Problems

[Saab 95]

Window issues on Saabs (and any car for that matter) are pretty common. Issues are usually related to window regulator failures but can also be attributed to window roller (green roller) failures. When the regulator fails the window typically begins to go up and down crooked and when the actually green rollers fail the window will fall into the door.

Thanks to Jay Davis for contributing to this FAQ!

A note from Jay Davis about His Saab 95 window rollers problem:

Love my 1999 95. Have a few problems sometimes, no sweat. Driver window dropped inside door but the motor still worked when button pressed. Of course a shop would charge to replace entire regulator. Easy fix, pop off the door panel and replace the 2 plastic green rollers (approx. diam. of a quarter) on the track of the regulator. I would replace both of them even if the other one is not broken.

Window Popping when shutting door

If you shut your door and the door sounds terrible when you shut it the problem is likely an issue with the Door tract weatherstrip. What typically happens here is that the weatherstrip comes out of the track causing the glass itself to slam against the track where the weatherstrip should be located. To fix it, remove the door panel and slide the weatherstrip back in the track and the problem should be gone.

Pricing for WINDOW REGULATOR BUSHING (window regulators & related)

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