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Bumper Replacement Rear

[Saab 95]


STEP 1 Undo the screws in the wheel well, there are two on both sides.
STEP 2 Open the trunk.
STEP 3 Remove the scuff plate. (Plastic Panel on the inside of the trunk)
STEP 4 Fold back the carpet in the trunk and remove the seals. The old seals must be replaced with new ones when installing the new bumper.
STEP 5 Remove the nuts holding the bumper in place.
STEP 6 Carefully pull out the bumper from the clips and pull the bumper back to remove it. (You may need assistance pulling the bumper out to make sure you don't damage the vehicle)
STEP 7 For cars with SPA (Saab Parking Assistance) you will need to unplug the connectors.


STEP 1 Connect the SPA (Saab Parking Assistance) plugs.
STEP 2 Lift the bumper into place and press it over the edge of the wheel well and the rear wheel linear. Make sure the bumper and the clips are in alignment.
STEP 3 Install the nuts that hold the bumper into place. (Don't tighten)
STEP 4 Align the bumper and install the screws in the edge of the wheel liner.
STEP 5 Tighten the nuts.
STEP 6 Install the new seals and place the carpet back into position.
STEP 7 Install the scuff plate.
STEP 8 Place the carpet back into position if needed.
STEP 9 Close the trunk and check the bumper alignment.
STEP 10 Adjust the bumper as necessary by loosening the bolts.

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