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Steering Lock Malfunction

[Saab 93]

Question: I was driving my car last night everything worked perfect. well I left a switch on all night for a system I put in the car and had absolutely no power whatsoever when I came n started it this morning. Tried charging the battery and I got power and everything but it kept saying Steering Lock Malfunction. So I went n bought a new battery for 130 dollars and its still saying the same thing. the car wont start at all. I didnt know if i could get some opinions on what could be wrong. This was not the first time the batts died cuz I left the switch on. but I am just wondering how that can effect the Steering Lock Malfunction.

Answer: Sounds like the lock module is faulty

Answer: yeah but i mean how can something just go that quick. could it possibly be an ignition switch?

Answer: It could be the switch if the switch is not sending the proper signal to the lock module but lock module issues are common so I doubt that is the problem.

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