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Stalling & Sludge

[Saab 93]

Stalling in the morning possibly could be

I am using only 94 octane no matter the price at the gas pump. It's a TURBO engine that need high octane. Same engine in Europe runs on 95 or 97 octane! But I ran in to a problem: In the morning after starting the engine the engine will sometimes stall on me but most of the cold morning it will hesitate like it wont get enough gas or an electrical problem. I changed the spark plugs but no change. I already had a new fuel filter on. The solution to my cold start was the Molyslip, not as much as for cleaning the fuel injectors but for the property of lubricating the system. I used a can of Molyslip which is an oil supplement that I use every oil change and the plastic bottle is the one I use every 4 fill times I fill up. I have not had any problems since. The engine starts and runs smooth. No more stallingor hesitation. I am not saying this will cure your issues but it did help mine:

Our take: There are known Fuel system module issues that are cause by the hybrid circuit in the module that does not compute cold verses hot engine readings (to explain in basic terms) correctly. When this happens there could be problem with cold start issues that seem to disappear once the engine warms up. You need to be sure that there is not a problem with the fuel module or the fuel pump check valve not holding pressure in the fuel system. We are not endorsing this product or any oil additives here. We are simply mentioning what one of our customers has experienced. Thesaabsite.com admin

I am not a sales rep, no profit in this but I benefit from the quality of the product. My 2001 SAAB 93- 92,000 KM had the sludge oil problem and the engine needs this stuff- the oil additive from the can seen in the picture. Before I started using it, my coffee grinder had a better sound when running... Also once I started to add the additive @ every oil change the hissing from the turbo diminished a lot. This hissing problem was blamed on not allowing the turbo to cool down after a long fast drive. My feeling is that the wear of the turbine is caused by a lac o lubrication due to the oil sludge issue or due to the fact that SAAB recommends to drive 10,000 KM in between the oil changes. I change the synthetic oil every 5-6000 KM!

In regards with the gas additive I have no more issues in the morning no matter how cold is outside. I did a tune up it didn't help, I had the car hooked up for a diagnostic -code reader- and couldn't find anything wrong. In my situation the LUBRICATING properties of MolySlip seems to have solved the morning start @cold temperature.

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