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AC Evaporator Replacement

[Saab 93]

To remove the AC Evaporator

STEP 1 The A/C receiver and the compressor oil absorb moisture from the air, which can then not be removed. Plug all connections that are opened immediately.
STEP 2 Drain the A/C system
STEP 3 Remove the cover on the windscreen wipers and dismantle the windscreen wipers. Use the puller 85 80 144 Puller, windscreen wiper arm.
STEP 4 Remove the cover on the bulkhead
STEP 5 Remove the front window wiper assembly
STEP 6 Remove the air filter.
STEP 7 Remove the air filter housing.
STEP 8 Remove the high and low pressure pipe's block connection from the expansion valve & block the holes
STEP 9 Remove the expansion valve
STEP 10 Remove the expansion valve's rubber seal & foam
STEP 11 Remove the lock holding AC Lines
STEP 12 Remove the glove box
STEP 13 Remove the floor console's front side panel on the passenger side
STEP 14 Remove the passenger acoustic insulation
STEP 15 Remove the air duct for the floor vent
STEP 16 Remove the connector from the ventilation fan control
STEP 17 Remove the recirculation motor connector and the hose clips on the fan housing
STEP 18 Remove the top and bottom sections of the fan unit.
STEP 19 Remove the cover for the evaporator & slowly remove it to avoid damage
STEP 20 Refit in Reverse

Pricing for AC EVAPORATOR (ac parts)

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