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Wind Noise & Water Leaks Rear Window 3 Dr

[Saab 900]

A Special thanks to Matt Hoffman for the contribution of this material. It is guys like him that keep Saab owners capable of working on their own cars. Kudos to Matt!!! Saabsite Admin

There seems to be a common problem with wind noise that comes in around the latch that allows one to open the rear windows on the 3 door cars. Rear window issues with Saab 900 coupes Check the rear window opener latches to see if the three screws holding them in place have worked loose. You'll need a Torx T25 wrench to tighten them, and it's hard to get much torque on them. It might be worthwhile to remove them one at a time and add a little Loctite. Tightening these will reduce wind noise and water entry when the windows are closed because the latches will have better leverage. It will also increase the airflow when they are open, since the latches will have a little more travel, and will push the window farther open.

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