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Spark Plug Replacement (Cars With Direct Ignition)

[Saab 900]

Cars Equipped with Direct ignition can be identified by noting that the Center of the valve cover will have a Red insert in the center. The spark plugs are under the direct ignition system. The direct ignition system takes the place of conventional spark plug wires providing better electrical conductivity properties. Prior to changing the spark plugs, make sure that the car has had ample opportunity to cool down. In order to change spark plugs, the 4 Torx screws (or in some cases 10 mm bolts) that hold the direct ignition system in place must be removed. A Torx head screw driver is included with the spare tire. NOTE: Some cars have 2.3 liter engines instead of 2.0 liter engines. The procedure remains the same.

Thanks to Fred Frigo for contributing to this FAQ!

Once the 4 Torx screws (or in some cases 10 mm bolts) have been removed, the direct ignition system can be gently lifted up exposing the spark plugs below. Correct specifications on Spark plug gap can be found in your owners manual. Be sure to set the gap as specified. Changing sparkplugs on Saabs with Direct Ignition is about as easy as it gets, as long as you have a standard 5/8 inch spark plug socket and a 6 inch extension for your ratchet. Remember NOT to over tighten the new spark plugs. They should be moderately tight.

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